Saturday, March 15, 2008


REMIX-------->the current sensation in tamil all possibles ways we hav come across this remix...well...most of them are really good at the same time some of them are irritating as well!!
Lots of veteran music directors have voiced against the remixes..but the current generation doesn seem to mind those...
Are remixes healthy???????????
WHO CARES?!All we care abt is JALSA KUTHU MAJAA kinda things!!lol!! all know abt these remixes which come along with labels..
But wat am gonna say is abt those remixes which have come announced....
Here u go...
Here are a few samples from the great works of such silent remixers..
is the old version...
wanna have a look at the remix version???look at this
wat an innovation!!!

our music directors are nothin less to the international rock bands...
askin for proof??
tat is the original version..
and now...presentin u the desi form!!!
cool na??

Idhu verum trailer dhaan...real pic laam thedinaa we ll be bewildered..
The most horrifying fact is that creative is lost these lets encourage fresh blood and innovative minds and abuse the fools who are said to possess talents...which is absolutely FAKE!!!


ajit said...

hmmm nice.....andha kuduthadellam and that kuthu song ippo dan i no its a copy(that kuthu sounds damn irritating though)..niceee!

GAYATHRI said...

yeah..adhunaala dhaan i postd it..for public awareness[:p]