Monday, November 19, 2007


Hmm...i hav always been thinkin abt this...Where does a person go after his death?Wat happens to his soul?(ofcourse his body is bein burnt or buried)...
Great philosophers hav said tat death is nothin but another journey...which certainky does hav a destination!I wonder wat tat weird place is?!
Jus imagine wat wud happen there....
"Hi!am Mark!Died jus a few while ago...wat abt u?"
"Hi!am Jacob...died 24hrs ago"..etc!
And suppose a person dies cos of a brutal road accident....imagine how safe it is to meet him after death!!!!!
But its not a big problem for the other dead persons...cos....they cant really DIE of fear!!!!
But jus think wat kinda place tat wud be and wer wil it be situated???
Generally ppl hav classified that weird place(ofcourse its believed to exist and no proofs til now)into 2 kinds...HELL and HEAVEN...
We all kno abt hell and heaven as places of sinners and good ppl respectively...We hav also heard tat sinners are punished in hell while others are peaceful in heaven...
But there is a small drawbac here....medically a person loses his ability to feel and all his senses if he is dead...and now if he is punished or the HELL can he feel?!
confused?!evn i am!
Well....watevr that place is called....wer can it be situated???in the air?sky?water?earth?...hmm....human beins hav invaded all these places...howcum they dint see their dead uncle mark or jacob?!
All these thots has made me actually find the answers for the 2 questions...WER DO DEAD GO AFTER DEATH?...WER IS TAT PLACE SITUATED?...
The answers for these 2 questions is the same...
Yes...they stay in our memories forever and wen we die..we reside in some others' noone is gettin perished in this earth......

Saturday, November 17, 2007

THOSE NAUGHTY DAYS................

Carried away by our own ideas
we have done a lot of naughty deeds.
We never wanted each of us to forget ourselves
nor the school should throw us out lik weeds!
So to create a history in the school
we did a lot of crazy things.
The school responded too violently
and sent us home..we marched out lik kings!
Making noises inside the classrooms,
talkin within ourselves without minding the teachers,
making everyone a fool by pulling their legs
we were all named by the school as mischief makers.
Then came the final working day,when we never wanted to leave
So as a remembrance,we wrote our names all over the school!
The teachers wennt mand and wanted us to clean everything
we had written our name everywhere not even leaving a stool!
The exams were stopped and we set out to work
taking blades,scales and water
not mindind whatever was the matter.
Atleast now the school couldn't 4get us for the work we had done
and the teachers scolded us to be the worst set of rogues..not students!
We were all really respecting everyone but wanted toi make things funny
The school will understand the fun behind these when we all bcum eminent!

[p.s.......the sir on the pic is our bio master and he nevr knew we took this pic!!!hee hee]

Friday, November 16, 2007


The first time we ever got together
is not in my memory now.
But the last day we were together
will never be forgotten somehow.
"FRIENDS"was the word we called ourselves.
But we were the family for us.
Danced and sung in the classrooms
Chatted in the school bus.
Ate food all the time except lunch!
Did all the homeworks then
We never got caught in the class even if we munch
and never gave back a borrowed pen!
We even made each other cry and shed tears
We ourselves consoled and made them smile
We disclosed within ourselves our worst fears
and considered strict classes as our jail.
We never thought of the future and of the past
but only of that day and that moment
But the school days have movd very fast
in which we played lots of truant.
On the farewell day,"BYE"we would say
We can say so but we wont get away!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I was comin home in train...thinkin to myself...suppose i fall into the track while gettin down...who will inform???(cha...shut up!said my mind).Atlast came chromepet....i got down very fast as i had the great worshop record to be done!!(already 12 mani aayiduthu!).
Suddenly a voice called.."hello white chudidhaar"..i turned back and saw a hefty lady(ena make up!!)..holdin her shoulder was a blind woman..tat lady called me and said"edho venkateshwara school poganumaam,enaku time ila.nee kootindu poyen(edho naa ivaluku vecha aal maadhri!)"...i jus felt my anger leave the surface..but i controlled it and said"ok no probs!"(mechanical recordu???paravaala paathukalaam!)...
tat blind woman came near me and held my shoulder..i cud feel her tension...left alone in darkness jus with the name of the place....not bein able to see...full of anxiety...she started talkin to me..."amma indha venkateshwara school poganum ma.."..i got perplexed...cos i dint kno the place(cha sodhapitiye!)..i jus did not wanna say tat and disappoint her...
i was thinkin wat next wen a small girl came runnin,draggin another blind woman....she came near me and said"akka!ivangalukum kannu theriyaadhu..rendu perum ore edathuku dhaan poganum..neengale vitudungalen..".she said so and left the place..i felt odd....standin there with 2 ppl who cant see but can say abt the direction of the place(yappa..kanna kattudhe!)..after tat...there was somethin new i came across....yes..their conversation...
lady who was wit me:(touchin the other blind woman)"neengalum angadhaan poreengalaa?unga per enna?"

the other lady:"aamaanga naa kooda angadhaan poren...en per rani"

lady1:"oh neenga rani ya?endha oor rani?"

lady2:"endha oor raniya irundha enna?kuruttu raniya poitene!seri namma rendu perum indha madam(naadhaan!) ah pidichukalaam"

they held both my hands and i was walkin in some way i dint kno!!!
lady1:"ungalukku pasanga irukaangala?"

lady 2:"haan oru payyan...nallaa pesuvaan..nammalaala kekadhaana mudiyum!aamaa ungalukku?"

lady1:"aamaan oru payyan irukkan..aana marumaga thorathivitutaama..purushan irukkaara?"

lady2:"irukaaru irukaaru..naadhaan avaruku baaramaa iruken!romba kashtapadarom..adhaan arisi tharaanga nu kelvi patu inga vandhen..indha 3 kilo arisila kudumbatha otalaamnu!"

lady1:"enaku purushan illa maa kadavul kondupoitaaru!enna panradhu..en thala ezhuthu..seri saapatuku kashtapatundhen..naanum arisi vaangalaamnu vandhen!"

till this i was listenin...i wanted to join them i entered into their conversation...
"en ga..venkateshwara school dhaana sonnenga?enga iruku nu oru idea irukka?(adhuku mela poga therila!)

lady 2:"market kulla poganum nu sonnaanga madam(!)"

myself:"ayo!market ah.....adhu opposite side la irukku..naama indha side vandhutom..seri thirumbunga apdi polaam...(cha..enna koduma sir idhu...kevalama poche!)"

lady1:"sorry nga..engalaala ungalukku shramam....enna panradhu..indha madhri help dhaan enga la iruka vekudhu...enga stick dhaanga enga kannu..aana paarunga adhuku vazhi theriyaadhe!(ivanga kooda mokka podraangale!)"

Both of them were laughing and talkin abt wat all they expect to get in their present destination...i was muted by their sense of humour,happiness,satisfaction and view abt life(though they cant see!).....

their destination came and i left them saying.."paathu ponga"
cha....wat an ironical phrase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007





SUDARMIGU ARIVUDAN PADAITHUVITTAI(why throw a beautifully made veena in dust as an useless crap...say..o!goddess!u hav created me jus lik tat!)

Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi has always been my guide,friend,philosopher,guru,role model....anything..and everything!He has written his instructions and suggestions to me years before!I can feel him and his words in everything happening to me!......

I wanna be a bharathi in questionin the wrong-doers ...i wanna be a bharathi in inspiring people...i wanna be a bharthi in writin down my revolutionary ideas...i wanna be a bharathi in helpin others...i wanna be a bharthi in intelligence...i wanna be a bharthi in short..i wanna be as multi-faceted as he is!!!i feel him inside me but refusing to come out...jus cos of the fear about life...fear abt society...

Goin against a powerful group ruins self these days...this stopped me frm lettin my bharathi out...

Now i kno y he said..



See how far-sighted he is!!!!he said


KAANCHIYIL KETPADHARKOR KARUVI SEYVOM(let us invent a device enablin the people in kanchi to listen the speech given by a poet in kasi)

And...a radio was discovered!!!!now not only frm kasi...we can listen frm any damn place and see the happenings even!

His motivations to the youngsters are thru numerous jus kindles the spirit of the youth... many of them are readin bharthi these days....

Hmm....very few....I feel bharthi must be made a compulsory-read..

Atleast then we can expect sum youngsters to turn responsible towards the society..

Here he calls them..




Development of language is not abt grammar,usage and literarture and sayin abt the way we communicate!Oru chinna flash back.............
Exactly 17 yrs ago...a cute baby was born in Joseph nursin home,tambaram..(naadhaan naadhaan!!).As soon as i was born i certainly wud hav recognised my mom...and can u name the language with which i communicated with her?All my relatives wud hav come to see me!!!can u jus think of a language in which i wud hav thot""yaar ivanga?"...hmm...difficult na?!Then...i started to eyes and ears opened up...i started to invent my own language...even now my mother recalls"nee ukaaru nu solradhuku ABHAYA nu solva!".Then i started to parents spoke tamil,brother spoke tamil,so i learnt tamil!!!i started talkin tamil lik..."amma thaachi..amma thooki.."Tat was called as my mother tongue and so it became my mother tongue!Finally i spoke tamil..."I"i began....(dunno where i wil end up!!!)Then came the age of schooling....i was pushed into my school..where teachers talked in a then new language..english(dhorai engleesu ellam pesudhu!)I had to learn it as a medium of communication...and my journey in english began "ma'm...... scale asked science ma'm!"
"escuse mee ma'm"
"goooooooood marrrrrrrrrneeeeeng maaaa'm!"
"ma'm see this sakthi vel is killifyin me...!"etc..
shhhhhhhhh.....i had to learn english...had to mug up rhymes...multipication tables(one one is one,two onezaar two{adhaan two ones are 2!}and so on....)
finally i came to a stage when i can understand and speak english to some extent....
My god........i had to toil hard to learn these....and my teachers also had to!
But...........these languages became fluent in practise...and my very first language got lost amidst these...
yes..the medium of communication between me and my mom....the only language a life knew when it enters into the earth......
God expected the life on earth to pass on this valuable gift along with man's innovative languages(lik tamil,english etc.......)
But finally his purpose got defeated....No one in this world today are speakin this language of love...Noone is worried abt others...No concern is witnessed...
Without that primitive and basic language..a man is equivalent to an animal which doesnt know the innovative languages...
Seein a boy leavin his old parents in an oldage home, i felt sad!!!But wat abt him?!He went out happier after leavin them!!!!!(bhaaram koranjuduchaam!)
Seein an old man fall ,i went and held him....others wer watchin my act lik a football match..
wats goin on...wat happened to ppl?wat made them forget their very first language?
i was thinkin..................wil be thinkin!!!!!!!!!!!!
cos....some questions are to be realised...not answered!!!!