Friday, December 19, 2014


My fortune lied, my grandma died, my roomie got married
I started western music lessons but still i cannot lead
My parents came to USA and roamed around 5 states
I stopped drinking tap water and I started buying crates
I spent hundreds of dollars on my hospital visits
I got myself a new red car and a parking space that fits,
My facebook page got filled up with just couple photographs
Also I found many of my long-lost friends and  my high school staffs
Nothing eventful happened so far,this year was worse than worst
But what still keeps me up and going is the hope to see the best
I did not narrate all these events in the order of happening
I just said these so they would rhyme and will seem nice to sing!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whats more annoying?

Some say its the blaring horns while some say its a weird glance
They say that they will destroy it from the source if given a chance
Some say its the summer's heat some say its the winter's cold
while some say it had to be the constant whining from the old!

Some say its the cheesy talks some say its the pure fake laughs
They say its high time those people stop it,oh come on enough!
While these annoy people who are just talking out of their hat; -because
I would say nothing is worse than the mysterious midnight crying cat!