Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whats more annoying?

Some say its the blaring horns while some say its a weird glance
They say that they will destroy it from the source if given a chance
Some say its the summer's heat some say its the winter's cold
while some say it had to be the constant whining from the old!

Some say its the cheesy talks some say its the pure fake laughs
They say its high time those people stop it,oh come on enough!
While these annoy people who are just talking out of their hat; -because
I would say nothing is worse than the mysterious midnight crying cat!


Natarajan Ramaseshan said...

A completely new concept.
Very nice
Best wishes

rajagopalan [a] gopu said...

You are nothing but chip of the old block. Excellent and expressive

GAYATHRI said...

Thanks appa and perippa :)