Monday, October 15, 2012

My Bucket List!! :)

Everyone has their own bucket list..the list of things to do before dying..I have never listed anything like that but seeing the uncertainties of life I feel its high time I start listing down my own bucket list.I have always been wondering if I really have any other wishes than the usual small silly ones (Like eating Molaga Bajji in Marina Beach,Shopping in Pondy Bazar,Eating Kuchi Ice,Taking photos in every damn location I visit,making my FB page sensational etc etc etc..very silly right?! I know;) )
But it seems like I do have big wishes which I might never be able to achieve or which is very difficult to goes the list:

1)Sky Diving : I was very close to doing this when suddenly something stopped me...that something is this stupid thought : "I am in US and my family is in India..what if I die before seeing them for one last time" :P
But trust me..someday i will do skydiving ;)

2)Visiting Scotland : I remember the day I fell in love with scotland..I was seeing Aishwariya Rai and Abbas dance for Kandukondein Kandukondein and then I knew this is my dream spot :) The english poets describing the castles..the love for Rapunzel and other fairy tales always make me dream about castles and men playing Bagpipes in checked skirts ;) I sincerely hope i visit Scotland someday in my life :):):)

3)Meeting few people I think are the Gods in their own field :                                                                    Like A.R.Rahman,Ilayaraja,Hariharan,Karthik,SPB, M.S.Subbulakshmi(This can never come true :(sad!! ),Sachin Tendulkar,Christian Bale and interestingly added to this list Matthew Perry (Dont give me that look..people are different..Hes the God of sarcasm :D ) and also sing a song to ARR and ask his opinion on my rendition :)

4)Dress up myself in Bharathnatyam costume and take a picture and blow it up and hang in my living room (Seriously I dont know why i want this!! :P)

5)Buy a beautiful individual house for myself and decorate my room in Pink,Purple and White combo :)

6)Cook a wonderful lunch for my family and friends (When I come to India this is a sure thing :P It gives great pleasure to cook for my mom and grandmom who fed me for the past 21 years..that would be the greatest moment in my life)

That is all for now...but I wish I do everything in this list :) I know thats too much to ask but I am aiming at the sun to atleast shoot at the moon :P

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TIME-The Invincible Mystery Ever

April 15,2012...This post is about how this day should have been and how it is now!!

How it should have been-
Chennai,April 15,11 AM..My room..Nokia 5310 singing "Pachai Nirame" to wake me...
I just see a text from Divya,"Somberi naaye..11:30 ku Chromepet busstop" and another text from Apoorva"Chromepet la erina odne sollu,get down at Ambal Nagar"
Yea..a month before my birthday.I needed a new dress for every birthday and will surely go shopping before a month!
I would ve woken up with a start taken bath like a crow ( yea "kaaka kuliyal") and had half of half cup rice (Amma would ve made something special for sunday,i wouldnt even pause to see what that was) get 1000 rupees or so( Oh my god!! How much i had spent when i was in India :( ) and caught an auto( atrocious i say!! ) to busstop met up with divya and caught the bus..
When we reached Ambal Nagar stop,I ll yell at Apoorva over phone to come to the stop and we are waiting.
Then comes the most memorable part..she would come in her scooty and we would go triples to Tnagar...(not to forget me polambifyin "Mama paarkaporaan de seekram po")
After a very rash drive we eri-erangify every damn store on usman road,ranganathan street,buy dress accesories(pottu thodu valayal seruppu and what not matching with my dress :P) then eat somethin in some restaurant,then go back to Apoo's house watch some flop movie( Yes!! thats more fun) then after 7PM leave home...
After that..whoever comes home will compulsorily have to see my birthday purchases :P And i will do a countdown for my birthday...

What it is in real...
Gainesville,11AM,April 15 2012
I see my moto atrix" Oh damn...its 11 am and still i feel sleepy...let me sleep some more time"..finally i decide to wake up by 11:30 am...make myself a cup of amma and talk for 10 mins "vera enna..onnum ila ingendhu" for 5 mins and "hello how are u" for 5 mins...then stare at the emptiness around me...ask each n every roommate "ena plans de" for which all give the same reply "nothin much de..should study"..then me sayin "oh..ok..hmm" sip my coffee for 20 mins...wash the mug...come to my room...facebook for 1 hr...decide i ve nothin els in life and think about blogging this...
And then silently cry "Shit its a month to my bday..and i ve noone to care about it or nowhere to shop like tnagar..." listening to ARR and Ilayaraja... dare u change my life!! u cant be won by anyone on this green grass earth!!!:/
Hate u!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day from my life without a MOT(T)O i begin my sad, "un-smart" story.When i came to the US of A...spending my parents savings,I dint even think i will have a smartphone here.But luck favoured me in the form of my cousin who shipped me a brand new "MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G"(now you know the real meaning behind my title:P) and its been 7 months with my MOTO..when he suddenly said he could take no more!!(well...he dint get charged last night:( )
That was the time i realized the friendship i shared with MOTO...i realized that i lacked my life's MOT(T)O..
Whenever i take a bus to my university,as soon as i hop onto my seat,i plug-in my earphones and forget the world around me..i facebook,check mail,text on whats-app,read blogs,see videos....well..literally everything!!
Today,after MOTO stopped charging and died out of charge..I took my first MOTO-less bus ride..a bus ride without AR.Rahman and Ilayaraja..a bus ride without 725 friends(on FB list ;) )..i..for the first time felt too lonely!!
I took my bus from Regions Bank stop(close to my apartment) and started to pray asking God to let someone i know into the bus in the next stops..Alas...what an ill-luck..normally my bus will be loaded with people i know and today there was not a single person i knew in the bus!!Then after 10 mins came the University Commons stop(another Indian abode in Gainesville) and today there was not a single friend of mine from there!!
Cursing myself I just sat sad and silent...Had it been India, I would have switched on my Mobile(NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC) Radio to listen to the PJs from the RJs...or i would ve texted my college friends...
Thats the time i thought this...Gainesville has no temples...I have to build temples for my Roomies Oviya, Aparna and Gowri(recently added to this list after a mishap as 'iphone fell into swimming pool') who are using un-smart..err... normal phones...
MOTO will be back in action in 2 days...but this will be MOTO version 2.0 as hes being replaced by AT&T...but anyways hes NOT MOTO..or NOTO (:P)..but for 2 more days my life will be without a MOT(T)O...sob sob!:(
As i was feeling sad,sorry and lonely,my destination arrives..where i see one of my friends waving at me with a smile...duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Namely issue!!:/

"May I have your order please"
"1 tall caffe latte with 4 milk 4 sugar please"
"Sure Mam..Your name please"
"Well..let me spell it out"
"Ya Mam Go ahead.."
"Oh come on...G-A-Y-A-T-H-R-I"
"err...ok..yours ll be ready in few mins"blah blah blah.....
Well friends, this has become a big problem these days whenever i go to starbucks...well..if u still dint get what i tried to convey..let me explain....we Indians have every 5 in 10 Hindu women named Gayathri-after the mother of vedas..but these Americans always see the first 3 letters of my name and go awestruck thinkin who can have such a "gay" name :(
Every time i fly or every time i order a coffee i have to undergo this awkward situation..they never seem to be worried about the last 5 letters of my name...
So i wanted to solve this issue somehow...Next time in starbucks when they asked my name, i tried out a new technique...
"G for George"
"A for Albert"
"Y for Yatch"
"OK G-A-Y..Wait,..whaaaat:O"
"Oh my god!!"
:( Plan failed...
So time to device a new plan....
The next starbucks visit:
" name is can call me G3"
and i got a steaming coffee cup with "GITRI" written on it!!:/
Final technique:
" name is G number 3"
"You have a number for ur name:O weird!! Ok G3!!"
Well...this weirdness is far better i say!!
Whatteeee life!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So here i really sorry my dear bloggie for having ignored you for such a long time...but believe me..i had the worst time of my life all these hoping to live a better life i have come back to you:) cheer up:D
Yessssssssssss!! I am baaaaaaack:)
Now,just like i begin every post, i am gonna say "After a loooooong time i am back":P
Well..i am just wondering where i lost myself all these days and stumbled across my own blog to rediscover myself:)
This is going to be a very very random post..maybe related to my so-called-life-in-US.I am trying to describe it in the way i know all the US aspirants..let me say what life in US is...
>Daily you get to send loads of mails with attachments,but you dont have any attachment towards your life!!
>You daily start a brand new day but get to see the same old faces and places!!
>You tend to live every day facing worse situations hoping the next day will be better.
>The language of music seems to be more understandable and meaningful than any other language.
>Though you seem to do engineering,you end up as a very good cook.
>You become that character which you termed "cheap" in India:(
>Even a small bag of free popcorn excites you like anything!!
>Only now you feel even plain curd rice with pickle was/is/will be the best food!!
>Your interest to skype with parents is inversely proportional to the days spent in US.
>You always feel your friends in software companies have a better life than yours though you came to US after avoiding the same job thinking it was below your level!!:/
>Window shopping increases to a great extent that you forget what tnagar shopping exactly was like!
>You really find out what "studying" is!!
>You understand the value of money!!
>You start smiling at any random person hoping that you may make loads of friends(Hope i dont continue this when i get back to India!!)
>You go to a match of American football to find they use their hands more:/
>It takes almost 2 months for you to find that these americans have just 2 flavours..sweet and not sweet!!
It took me 7 months to realise these(and many more ofcourse!!) But for a comeback..let me stop it here...but i am sure i will be regular from now on!!!!