Monday, October 15, 2012

My Bucket List!! :)

Everyone has their own bucket list..the list of things to do before dying..I have never listed anything like that but seeing the uncertainties of life I feel its high time I start listing down my own bucket list.I have always been wondering if I really have any other wishes than the usual small silly ones (Like eating Molaga Bajji in Marina Beach,Shopping in Pondy Bazar,Eating Kuchi Ice,Taking photos in every damn location I visit,making my FB page sensational etc etc etc..very silly right?! I know;) )
But it seems like I do have big wishes which I might never be able to achieve or which is very difficult to goes the list:

1)Sky Diving : I was very close to doing this when suddenly something stopped me...that something is this stupid thought : "I am in US and my family is in India..what if I die before seeing them for one last time" :P
But trust me..someday i will do skydiving ;)

2)Visiting Scotland : I remember the day I fell in love with scotland..I was seeing Aishwariya Rai and Abbas dance for Kandukondein Kandukondein and then I knew this is my dream spot :) The english poets describing the castles..the love for Rapunzel and other fairy tales always make me dream about castles and men playing Bagpipes in checked skirts ;) I sincerely hope i visit Scotland someday in my life :):):)

3)Meeting few people I think are the Gods in their own field :                                                                    Like A.R.Rahman,Ilayaraja,Hariharan,Karthik,SPB, M.S.Subbulakshmi(This can never come true :(sad!! ),Sachin Tendulkar,Christian Bale and interestingly added to this list Matthew Perry (Dont give me that look..people are different..Hes the God of sarcasm :D ) and also sing a song to ARR and ask his opinion on my rendition :)

4)Dress up myself in Bharathnatyam costume and take a picture and blow it up and hang in my living room (Seriously I dont know why i want this!! :P)

5)Buy a beautiful individual house for myself and decorate my room in Pink,Purple and White combo :)

6)Cook a wonderful lunch for my family and friends (When I come to India this is a sure thing :P It gives great pleasure to cook for my mom and grandmom who fed me for the past 21 years..that would be the greatest moment in my life)

That is all for now...but I wish I do everything in this list :) I know thats too much to ask but I am aiming at the sun to atleast shoot at the moon :P


aps said...

girlie blog.. valarave ila after 10... ur wishes will happen... god bless you fr tat :)

Anonymous said...

A true inspiration for bucket list can be found here

GAYATHRI said...

lol Appu thanks :)

GAYATHRI said...

great read Venkitachalam :)