Thursday, December 27, 2007

MY 2007....

Well..i jus nw feel as if i had written my half yearly exams and cryin for not having christmas holidays!!!but..1 yr has passed away....yeah..unbelievable..!!!!
2007...a yr whic is at its death bed..
lemme recall my 2007..
JANUARY was the one month that brought me worst surprises..was very busy countin the back stabs by some of my close!!

FEBRUARY was worser cos evry time some body or the other was reminding that we had jus few weeks for the board exam...but feb ended up emotionally with our farewell party!!!our spirits weren dampened by the so-called exam fever!!!

MARCH....the month of my board exams....hmm..sorry..i don remember wat happened then to be i remember evrythn from march 20...12:45 PM...yeah........holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaysssss!!!

APRIL...hmm then i realised holidays are the worst part of anyones life...cos i was never allowed to roam outside...cos evryone looked me frm"ipodhaan-12th-mudichurka-nyaabagam vechuko-" bcam hell..april bored me to death.... begun well wit plans for my bday...but results came exactly the eve b4 ma bday which spoilt evrythn....well after that i dint kno wat i did apart frm feelin bad or!!

JUNE...hmm nothing much to say abt my june...was residin in ma frnds house during the days and returned home only for dinner...

JULY...this was slightly a consoling month...i had things to do..lik thinkin abt college..and finally gooin out with friends to movies and restaurants...

AUGUST...a month full of dreams,fantasies,fears,yeah....was thinkin hw my college life wud be...coudn imagine leavin my schoolmates and findin new mates...
evryday wil hav a 3hr fone discussion wit friends abt their college...the things they knew abt college life etc...
i got my college finalised..
Rajalakshmi Engineering College...and was askin evryone i knew abt REC..
and august ended wit the beginning of ma coll life!!

SEPTEMBER...weird month...i dint evn kno the person who was sittin nxt to me or the person shoutin in front of me...the only month in which i was astonishingly silent!!!
as days passed this month gav me lots of the name of ma coll frnds....
we began with a "HI"..and this was the BEGINNIN...exactly....

OCTOBER....hmm havin settled well in colls...initially i dint kno evn my bench mate bt in oct..i cud say many of the batch mates!then the first UT came...
this brought us all still closer enquirin abt marks and was the only postive point!

NOVEMBER...we started to comment each other..started to understand our staffs potentials..everythn was goin on fine wen the 2nd uts came...

DECEMBER....well..wat to say..had all the UTs spoilt the mood...but a 12 day holiday cheered up all of us...
I don feel anything to miss wen i jump into 2008...
So lemme c if 2008 cud make me happy....

Sunday, December 23, 2007


A very difficult topic to discuss...but since i hav mastered the art of puttin mokkai(ma frnds feel tat way evn thou i hav a lot more to achieve in tat field)i hav decided to spread tat rare talent of puttin mokkai...

ahem ahem...

start music....


lets see how all mokkai can be put..

1.By using very famous dialogus delivered by great persons lik vadivelu,vivek,vijaya.t.r,prabhu,vijay,ajit,rajini,kamal,shivaji,goundamani and abv all the gr8 lollu sabha members.

idho oru sample:

if u get damaged u can samaaluchufy sayin..arasiyal laa idhulaam sagajamappa(spl thanks to

2.By tryin to write kavidhai...followin a rhyme scheme makes ur mokkai sound btr...

heres a sample:

kasappuna paavakka

suryakku jothika

adhiradeena sornaaka

naa poren america!!!(aga aga!!!gayathri!!!nee engayooooooooooooo poita!!!!)

3.U can also put mokkai by replacin similar soundin words evn frm othr languages...

wanna see a sample?!here u go...

nee modhalla(first) saapdu

naa modhala(crocodile)laam saapda maaten!!!

(vry spl thanks to ma frnd!)

4.Mokkai can also be put by talkin very high abt urselves too...and finally declarin u r very modest..


surya adutha padathukku enna dhaan heroine ah book pannaan.aana naadhaan publicity pidikaadhunnu no solten....(ellam en dialogue tension!)

these r sme of the best ways to put jus b sure tat u don use these anti-socially(tats killin ppl)

oh my god!!!!

forgot to say abt a very important method to put mokkai...

it can also be done by postin articles lik the one i hav done!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I had to visit my grandpa who is very serious and kept in I.C.U....but somethings in that visit disturbed me a lot..these things really make me angry and irritated..

first of all.....why do ppl visit their sick relatives in ICU?

cos anything may happen to them and this wud probably be the last time they wud get to see the person alive...this convinces their otherwise anxious mind.

But things that i saw were not related to the above statement....

Totally horrible things i came across!!!

*2 guards(ayyo paavam!)wer made to stand near tat very narrow doorway leadin to the icu...they wer supposed to allow only one visitor for a patient...but there was a pandemonium over there!ppl din wanna wait...evrybody wanted to enter the icu at the same time...
ultimately there was choas and confusion outsid icu!!!
if it had prevailed not only it wud hav been dangerous for the patients inside..but also the ppl waitin wud hav been admitted inside!!!
*Noone wanted to wait and so started to push the guards away!!!!horrifyin sight! and my mom somehow managed to enter inside the gate!!i had to wait outside for her to chk out!and in tat few mins..i saw the most cruel devils disguised as humans...
a lady was shoutin in the worst language i evr knew..she jus pushed me away for standin on the way though she wasn permitted to enter...i felt my anger rise bt kept quiet as i dint wait there for tat..
*A ward boy who came from the icu was taunted badly by a man as he wasn allowed inside...the boy jus dint react and wen off to do his duty..
*An old woman was cursin those guards jus bcos they did their duty..well...y cant ppl thnk????
y r they nt allowed in?bcos they may take in some infections and lead to complications in the health of the patient...
And the worst thing i saw was...noone ovr there showed signs of care or anxiety or worry...evrybody wer businesslik and waitin for their chance to look at the person whoevr was admitted...the involvement they showed in fightin was rather dominant than the worry!!!
And wen evr anyone was permitted in..they looked at the guards as if they wer some stinky thing and while they returned bac haughtily stared at those guards...
*At the end of the day...i felt pity for those guards and felt bad that ppl are really fake,selfish and something else for which i dunno any word(!)
While the person was all well i am sure they wudn hav evn minded them....rubbish ppl..stupid thots..these ppl ruin the human can I do othr than bloggin this off!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well...a nice topic to discuss...
Start muzic(hee hee see the influence!!lol!)
First things first..
let me begin my list frm 1920-30..
*"kraadhgaa!chandaalaa!panjamaa paadhagaa!!!!"
recognise these words?????
yes!am talkin about those heroines of yesteryears....
kundavaais,mohanaas,rambaais,pushpaas.....ya those wer their names....
the thing is tat all the female characters of those movies look alike...
and their!!!!full time comedy evn in the most horrifyin or sad scenes of the movies...
one cant find out whether they r laughin or cryin!!!!
hats off to them all!

*"anbe,kanne,kaniyamudhe!!!!!en sendruvittai selvame!!!!"
this must hit u somewer...come on!!
am talkin abt the heroes of 1920s and 30s..
the style gurus!!!
wit javaadhu(or watevr)bein applied...
kumkum on forehead..jippa..dhothi..
and....the funky JILPA THALAI!!!
these wer their style statements..
2days youth hav to be rewakened by singin"jilpa kaatungadaa"...wat a shame tat we forgot these forerunners of style!!?

*"ayya veetula amma sonnaanga naa PAGUDARU(adhaan pa powder!)pota romba alaaga irupenaam!"
recognize this person??
he is supposed to be the comedian of 1930s!!!!
wit none other than himself and his pair laughin on the screen..this man was cald the comedian!!!
he is mostly a mannaaru or singaaram...

wow!unforgettable ppl!!!!

then we come to 1950-75....
*"oh my darling latha!!naa un mela uyiraye vechurken!!!"
yes!!!the hero of 50s...mostly cald baskar or shankar...
a man wit dreams...
anger arises wenevr the villain kidnaps his ladylove or mother...
the actual comedian of an otherwise serious movie!!!

*"baskar!!!neengalaa ipdi..ennaala nambave mudila...inime en moonjilaye muzhikaadheenga!!!ayyo!!!"
this is the most famous dialogue delivered by those lathas,malathis and geethas of 5os....
the heriones(cald so!!)of those movies..
wit wrapover sarees..
mountain-lik wigs on head..
lips glossin always....
eyes wit battin eyelashes..
teeth always visible!!!!
beauties of 50s.....

*"hmm(roar)...vaa...un kathalukkelaam naa bayapada maaten..enga ayya paatha sandhoshapaduvaaru(drags the heroine)"
yes...i am talkin abt the JAMBU or MAYAANDI or MALAIYAPPAN...
the most famous adiaal...
the most faithful person...
kidnaps evn the ugliest herione if he is supposed to!!!
the man of power!!!!!

*"darling yaaru ivan...inga enna panra?"
JALAJA...the "set-up" of the villain..
seems cruel..
ultimately helps the hero(cos she always seems to hav a soft corner towards him!lol!)

then came the most famous goundamani-senthil duo...
the best comedy anyone can give!!!!
they started the business of changin the way ppl speak...
"naaye,muttagose thalaya,nari moonji,odi poidu,kadichupuduven,penaathaadha"etc..etc.. came into usage..and is still bein used...
legends of comedy....

80s was a period of stereo type heroes playin angry young men..
heroines wer glam dolls runnin aroun the trees wit the heroes...
nothin much was attractive..
but tat was the time feel-good movies started to sprout......

from 80s..till date..
my all time favourite is RAJINIKANTH....THALAIVAR...
man of style...
man of the ppl!!!!!
he is btr knon as SUPER STAR!!!
man......he rocks always...

then comes KAMALHASSAN...
the abode of talents...
unlucky star wit extremely gr8 potentials...
though he doesn hav a good reach wich he deserves hes always listed in the golden page of tamil history!!!

tamil cinema then had various characters wich started to become unique in their own way....
but suddenly a new trend of KUTHU songs and punch dialogues has is spoilin the creativity and is considered to be the only flaw of the present tamil cinema..
everyone wants to mak a rajini outta themselves...
but they r endin up to bcom another ramarajan ultimately!!!!!!

the other notable personalities in tamil cinema who hav always made me laugh:
pandian(pothivecha malliga mottu fame)
radhika(earliest part of her career)
mr.shivaji ganeshan(though hes a gr8 actor...he gets 90rs and acts for 900000000000000000000000000000000rs)
gemini ganeshan(kaadhal mannan hee hee)
k.r.vijaya(ultimate comedian)
kamala kaamesh(the lean lady always comin as a poor amma)
visu(the reformer!!!hee hee)
the list goes on......................

ultimately the best entertainment for any tamilian...TAMIL CINEMA!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The following poem is just an imagination...its abt a computer geek falling in love with a girl and the way he writes the love letter(mail.. to be appropriate!).......

Idhuvarai SHUTDOWN seyyapatirundha en vaazhvu
unnai paarthadhum SWITCH ON aagivittadhu
En ulagame BOOT aagiradhu unnai paarthu
ini en RUNTIME il illai thaazhvu!!

En MOTHERBOARDku theriyaamal veithullen
en H(e)AR(t)DDISKil unnai olithu
Un CURSOR kannaal nee OK sonnaal
en udhattin DESKTOPaal oorukke solven..

Edhirileye naan AVAILABLEaai irundhaalum
indha CONTACTai IGNORE seyvadheno?!
unnai paarthaale BUZZ adikum nenjukku
neram odhukki OFFLINEil aavadhu sammadham sollu

VIRUSaai en nenjil paravivittaai
unnaal pala kavidhaigal POP-UP aagindrana
ANTI VIRUS thedi alayum enakku
REQUESTai ACCEPT seydhu karunai kaatu..

Un manadhinai purindhukolla INTERPRETER vendum
un ennangalai arindhukolla BROWSER vendum
en vaazhvodu vilayaada naan COMPUTER GAME illai
seekiram badhilai solli sandhoshathai UPLOAD sei!!!!

En vaazhkai COMPUTERai HANG seyyaadhe
Ennudaya kaadhalinai DELETE seyyaadhe
unnidamirundhu varapogum REPLYkaaga
en neramum kaathirukum COMPUTER kaadhalan naan!!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Here i am to see the birth of today,
In the college bus early in the morning.
The world wakes up after the night's slay,
and i can hear the little birds sing.

The bus opens its window eyes
and i see the morning world.
This experience is really nice
the weather is mild or sometimes cold!

Beggars on the platform seem to be the happiest of all,
sleeping or loitering without any worry.
Professionals drive vehicles attending urgent call,
while tea-stalls and hotels freshly make curry!

Office-goers wait in the traffic signal,hissing
old people wait there talking about the young.
The corner of the road is filled with the passerby s pissing
and waiting in that stink takes air out of my lung!

Then i see some workers getting ready for a hard day
and think ask am i prepared to face..
The trees,meadows,garbage,poles all move away,
as i remember that i forgot my drawing case!

All beside me were sleeping,missing the lesson of life,
which i see thru the eyes of my college bus.
Everyone in this world are getting ready to face the strife,
but all we do is to talk,eat,sleep and fuss!

I understood that life is not at all permanent
just like the view of moving trees from the bus.
The world i live in is rough and competent,
I need to come out of this present mess!!!