Friday, May 29, 2009


"பாட்டி!" என்று ஆசையாய் சிரித்த செல்லப் பேரனை உச்சி நுகர முன்னே பாய்ந்தேன்...இருவருக்கும் இடையில் தடையாய்-

கம்ப்யூட்டர் திரை!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok!!ok!!no shoutin..i know my fans out there have been eagerly awaiting for my post for 3 weeks!!lol!!Now is the right time for the post...know why??I ve been wanting to save some web-space by doing two things in one post!!!!!
Yessssssssssss people!!!THIS IS MY 50TH POST!!!![HURRAY!!HAYYA!!JOLLY!!Ok ok adangikaren:D]
Well...wat is the need for me to post the 50th post after 3 weeks from my 49th post..cos.......THE IDES OF MAY..THIS WAY ABT TO HAPPEN..i mean this is special always in the ides of may cos...15TH OF MAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!![HEEEEY HAYYAAAAAAA!!!no no no not again!!again adaki vaasikren:D]sooooo...for my bloggie... i wish to do something spl!!! u go bloggieeeeee!!
YUMMY YUMMY CAKE!!!! let me come to myself!!!!Had a helluva time wit my friends ofcourse not on my b'day but 3 days b4 my bday cos.......again in order to do two things at a time myself and my bessst friend Divya celebrated our birthdays on her b'day[;)] and soooooo.....

THIS IS CALLED AS A B'DAY CAKE[:D]Lol..[Don get wild frnds!!]And wanna know how we had fun???!?!?!

Finally the monkey gang settled down wit the cake sayin"eppadi irundha naan ipdi aiten"lik this!!!

P.S:I got a new dress for my b'day...paavam bloggie gave it a new template too[:D]
P.P.S:I have got my semester exams from won be bloggin upto June4...ipovaadhu padikalaam nu idea..ilaati ummaachii kanna see u soon guys..
P.P.P.S:If u guys have heart,lung,kidney,chutney etc...pls pray i must score well in my exams[:p][:((]