Sunday, March 23, 2008


"I hate her I hate her!!!"cried little Tom
and showed the swollen cheek to his mom.
"Math is a demon"he started to shout,
"My math ma'm is evil,she sent me out!"

"She held my hand and beat me up
she pinched my cheek and gave me a slap.
Her lion-like canines give me a nightmare
I am quitting school,I cannot bear!"

His mom got worried and thought what next
and decided to meet the ma'm,that was the best.
She reacher her house and knocked the doors,
and there came a kid of 12 on all its fours.

Tom's mom was startled to see the kid
It was not like how others did.
"Dear who is that?"Tom's mom could hear
the teacher coming out with a pang of fear.

No more did she seem to be cruel
to Tom's mom who was thinking abt her toil.
Having a special child in her home
she is coming to schoool hiding her doom.

Tom's mom dint wanna introduce herself.
So she pretended lik a stranger asking for help.
The teacher very politely answered her
wondering why her eyes dropped a tear!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


"Get up get up u lazy dog!!
your brother is back frm his morning jog!"
shouted my mom,early in the morning
unlike the sweet tone of my alarm ring.

"Five more minutes,there is a heavy fog
bear with me till i post my blog"
i mumbled in a very deep sleep
and then realised that i was on my blankets heap.

I saw the time,rubbing my eyes;
it was already late,not very nice.
I brushed,bathed and dressed up soon
and left my house without the lunch for noon.

My bus was about to leave the stop
i fell and ran and had to hop.
Atlast when i sat down in my bus seat
i remembered about the homework sheet!

The travel was sad with lots to worry
I scolded myself in anger and fury.
Atlast there came my lucky spot..
the poster of the hero whom i hate a lot!!

"Your idea is stupid"...people may say
but a glance at his poster makes my day!
And see how my day was unlucky
the poster was being eaten by a stray donkey!!

I never wanted to reach my class
as my day was full of flaws.
As i was bus stopped on the way
and thus continued the miseries for the day.................

Saturday, March 15, 2008


REMIX-------->the current sensation in tamil all possibles ways we hav come across this remix...well...most of them are really good at the same time some of them are irritating as well!!
Lots of veteran music directors have voiced against the remixes..but the current generation doesn seem to mind those...
Are remixes healthy???????????
WHO CARES?!All we care abt is JALSA KUTHU MAJAA kinda things!!lol!! all know abt these remixes which come along with labels..
But wat am gonna say is abt those remixes which have come announced....
Here u go...
Here are a few samples from the great works of such silent remixers..
is the old version...
wanna have a look at the remix version???look at this
wat an innovation!!!

our music directors are nothin less to the international rock bands...
askin for proof??
tat is the original version..
and now...presentin u the desi form!!!
cool na??

Idhu verum trailer dhaan...real pic laam thedinaa we ll be bewildered..
The most horrifying fact is that creative is lost these lets encourage fresh blood and innovative minds and abuse the fools who are said to possess talents...which is absolutely FAKE!!!