Saturday, March 22, 2008


"Get up get up u lazy dog!!
your brother is back frm his morning jog!"
shouted my mom,early in the morning
unlike the sweet tone of my alarm ring.

"Five more minutes,there is a heavy fog
bear with me till i post my blog"
i mumbled in a very deep sleep
and then realised that i was on my blankets heap.

I saw the time,rubbing my eyes;
it was already late,not very nice.
I brushed,bathed and dressed up soon
and left my house without the lunch for noon.

My bus was about to leave the stop
i fell and ran and had to hop.
Atlast when i sat down in my bus seat
i remembered about the homework sheet!

The travel was sad with lots to worry
I scolded myself in anger and fury.
Atlast there came my lucky spot..
the poster of the hero whom i hate a lot!!

"Your idea is stupid"...people may say
but a glance at his poster makes my day!
And see how my day was unlucky
the poster was being eaten by a stray donkey!!

I never wanted to reach my class
as my day was full of flaws.
As i was bus stopped on the way
and thus continued the miseries for the day.................


ajit said...

hey...semma..really nice

GAYATHRI said...

thank u!!!:))

Nirmal's Blog said...

tahnks 4 cumming in...
it was nice reading u..

Shrinivas said...

nice one .. !

GAYATHRI said...

thank u guys!

Fortune favours the fearless said...

kewl... it was really nice... enjoyed it...!!!!

IvanHoe said...

was the poster that of Dhoni?

GAYATHRI said...

@ivanhoe[thu shankar]:
ila ila..namba maata...aana nambu..vijay oda poster:(