Thursday, February 23, 2012


So here i really sorry my dear bloggie for having ignored you for such a long time...but believe me..i had the worst time of my life all these hoping to live a better life i have come back to you:) cheer up:D
Yessssssssssss!! I am baaaaaaack:)
Now,just like i begin every post, i am gonna say "After a loooooong time i am back":P
Well..i am just wondering where i lost myself all these days and stumbled across my own blog to rediscover myself:)
This is going to be a very very random post..maybe related to my so-called-life-in-US.I am trying to describe it in the way i know all the US aspirants..let me say what life in US is...
>Daily you get to send loads of mails with attachments,but you dont have any attachment towards your life!!
>You daily start a brand new day but get to see the same old faces and places!!
>You tend to live every day facing worse situations hoping the next day will be better.
>The language of music seems to be more understandable and meaningful than any other language.
>Though you seem to do engineering,you end up as a very good cook.
>You become that character which you termed "cheap" in India:(
>Even a small bag of free popcorn excites you like anything!!
>Only now you feel even plain curd rice with pickle was/is/will be the best food!!
>Your interest to skype with parents is inversely proportional to the days spent in US.
>You always feel your friends in software companies have a better life than yours though you came to US after avoiding the same job thinking it was below your level!!:/
>Window shopping increases to a great extent that you forget what tnagar shopping exactly was like!
>You really find out what "studying" is!!
>You understand the value of money!!
>You start smiling at any random person hoping that you may make loads of friends(Hope i dont continue this when i get back to India!!)
>You go to a match of American football to find they use their hands more:/
>It takes almost 2 months for you to find that these americans have just 2 flavours..sweet and not sweet!!
It took me 7 months to realise these(and many more ofcourse!!) But for a comeback..let me stop it here...but i am sure i will be regular from now on!!!!