Saturday, April 6, 2013

An ode to the random online stalker ;)

All you have to offer me is broken English
but what you get in return is a broken heart!
"Hi cute pic u me friend?" you ping me randomly;
I am sorry dude,my picture didn't respond!

Not just you,but all the guys from your clan
have a typical dressing style that I can note from your photos.
A smug face,bright colored clothes,unkempt hair;
cigarette burnt lips and alcohol shot eyes!

Don't judge me, I am just sharing my observation
but I appreciate your perseverance of sending multiple messages!
"Hey u","Reply and expect* me","Don't put scene^","Fraandship#??","Change new pic"
and all I could think of is "Not happening bro!!"

Wondering why I wrote this ode to you?!
You are a hero man! An unsung hero in your own world!
When science and technology advances,when countries and continents fight and make up
all you can think of is this random girl who is ignoring you!Talk about goal-oriented!!

You have a dumpy old computer with an internet connection and a Facebook account
and you want to have girls who you don't even know;You are more ambitious than Shakespeare's Brutus!
You get irritated looks from all the girls you stalk,
Yet you are unaffected as you never get to know that!!

I envy your spirit, I envy your hard-work!!
Burning the midnight oil to get ignored by girls you don't even know!
Though you stalk this much, in reality you are shy to even talk!
You are a mystery, a dark knight I might say!!

Whatever anyone says, I know you wont give up!!
You are a big challenge for all those privacy setting developers,
you creep and crawl through the web so much and still
you always remain -A random stalker!!

^Don't show off

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beach from my eyes!

Blogging after a really long time!!Instead of ranting something philosophically I thought I should post something that I have never tried before.I wanted 4 paragraphs of 4 lines,then a tapering end ;) I don't really know if this qualifies as a poem but this would definitely reflect my heart's feelings :)

With sea gulls gliding and taking off
on the emerald ocean,
I stand at a distance all cold and covered up.
My eyes thanked me for the beautiful sight.

Two years ago the same eyes watered
after two chilli bajjis.
I was trying to cover my face to escape tan,
in front of another ocean where kites took off.

Pacific may look better than Bay of Bengal
but can someone give me the latter's warmth?
My home was just forty minutes away by train,
my house here is away 3 hours by car.

Friends used to play pranks by pushing me into the water there,
friends bet dollars to touch the water here.
Hustles and bustles with hurricane lamps after dark for hours there;
while here, even sun silently sets at a predicted time.

The best photographs are always clicked in beaches I feel;
Here,the sunsets, the candid peaceful faces and wildlife,
whereas there, moth hovering lights; kind,poor and hungry smiles.

Ask me what i want,-I would ask for
the Pacific scenery with the Marina life in it!