Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well..this topic has been runnin in my mind for long..Being a girl myself am able to feel the absense of strong bonds amongst girls..See guys..they wer friends they r frnds and they ll be frnds!!I ve come across a lot of examples for this..when two frnds..i mean guys meet after a very long time they are jus lik they wer wen they met last..But when it comes to girls in the same situation..there is hardly anything called frndship which was there b4!!lol!!Bitter Truth!!

Obviously for everything there are exceptions..but somethings cannot be denied..However many of the girls ll defend themselves sayin marriage,spouse,children and their daily chores as reasons..truth is truth!!

Let me see how many girls are modest like me[;)]lol!!And come on guys..spk out ur view point too:)

Just tell me the reason for this fact!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A small girl and her dad were walkin on the streets of their village on a very hot day!!
The sun was scorching hot!
Both of them were so tired that they couldn walk at all...But the little girl seemed anxious and chirpy and kept on questioning her dad about wat ever they came across..The dad got irritated and shouted"Keep quiet!!No more questions!!"..The little girl became sad at once and started walking silently beside her dad...Suddenly they came across a windmill...The little girl already angry that her dad had shouted at her raised her hands above and yelled.."Oh God!!U gave such a big fan for my village!!But still i am sweating!"
Her dad lifted her and kissed her with a wide smile!
{P.S:This is my 1st short story in english!lol do comment on this!}

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Its friendhip day ppl!!All the friends out there..i wish u all a happy friendship day!!Ennada verum wishes oda nirutharen nu paakareengala!!natpa pathi vaarthaigal la sonnalum adhu podhadhu!!so friendship ah laam anubhavikanum aaraya kudadhu nu namma alwarpetta aandavar oda quote ah solikinnu ipodhaiku appeat aikaren!!!ensoi pannungo!!varrrrrtaaa!!!:)