Sunday, August 2, 2009


Its friendhip day ppl!!All the friends out there..i wish u all a happy friendship day!!Ennada verum wishes oda nirutharen nu paakareengala!!natpa pathi vaarthaigal la sonnalum adhu podhadhu!!so friendship ah laam anubhavikanum aaraya kudadhu nu namma alwarpetta aandavar oda quote ah solikinnu ipodhaiku appeat aikaren!!!ensoi pannungo!!varrrrrtaaa!!!:)


ajit said...

tamil la therikka vitturkaa!
happy friendship day to u :-D
enna special for the day...?!? party eh?!

Arjun said...

my first time here... :)

loved the template...!!

n i know little tamil too... appeat ayidu.. :P :P hehe

Anyway. i could understand it was abt Friendship day... So belated wishes to u.. :)

and G3 is Gayatri?? hehe.. nice :)

n y dont u put up a followers widget so that ppl can follow this blog?


GAYATHRI said...

@ajit:lol no party..vetti dhaan:P

GAYATHRI said...

welcome arjun..don worry yaar!!tamil is easy see u cud understand the appeat thingy;)..but ya ll increase english contents lol!gr8 to kno entire india is readin my blog:p lol he he jus for fun;) anyways keep visitin:)