Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day from my life without a MOT(T)O i begin my sad, "un-smart" story.When i came to the US of A...spending my parents savings,I dint even think i will have a smartphone here.But luck favoured me in the form of my cousin who shipped me a brand new "MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G"(now you know the real meaning behind my title:P) and its been 7 months with my MOTO..when he suddenly said he could take no more!!(well...he dint get charged last night:( )
That was the time i realized the friendship i shared with MOTO...i realized that i lacked my life's MOT(T)O..
Whenever i take a bus to my university,as soon as i hop onto my seat,i plug-in my earphones and forget the world around me..i facebook,check mail,text on whats-app,read blogs,see videos....well..literally everything!!
Today,after MOTO stopped charging and died out of charge..I took my first MOTO-less bus ride..a bus ride without AR.Rahman and Ilayaraja..a bus ride without 725 friends(on FB list ;) )..i..for the first time felt too lonely!!
I took my bus from Regions Bank stop(close to my apartment) and started to pray asking God to let someone i know into the bus in the next stops..Alas...what an ill-luck..normally my bus will be loaded with people i know and today there was not a single person i knew in the bus!!Then after 10 mins came the University Commons stop(another Indian abode in Gainesville) and today there was not a single friend of mine from there!!
Cursing myself I just sat sad and silent...Had it been India, I would have switched on my Mobile(NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC) Radio to listen to the PJs from the RJs...or i would ve texted my college friends...
Thats the time i thought this...Gainesville has no temples...I have to build temples for my Roomies Oviya, Aparna and Gowri(recently added to this list after a mishap as 'iphone fell into swimming pool') who are using un-smart..err... normal phones...
MOTO will be back in action in 2 days...but this will be MOTO version 2.0 as hes being replaced by AT&T...but anyways hes NOT MOTO..or NOTO (:P)..but for 2 more days my life will be without a MOT(T)O...sob sob!:(
As i was feeling sad,sorry and lonely,my destination arrives..where i see one of my friends waving at me with a smile...duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Namely issue!!:/

"May I have your order please"
"1 tall caffe latte with 4 milk 4 sugar please"
"Sure Mam..Your name please"
"Well..let me spell it out"
"Ya Mam Go ahead.."
"Oh come on...G-A-Y-A-T-H-R-I"
"err...ok..yours ll be ready in few mins"blah blah blah.....
Well friends, this has become a big problem these days whenever i go to starbucks...well..if u still dint get what i tried to convey..let me explain....we Indians have every 5 in 10 Hindu women named Gayathri-after the mother of vedas..but these Americans always see the first 3 letters of my name and go awestruck thinkin who can have such a "gay" name :(
Every time i fly or every time i order a coffee i have to undergo this awkward situation..they never seem to be worried about the last 5 letters of my name...
So i wanted to solve this issue somehow...Next time in starbucks when they asked my name, i tried out a new technique...
"G for George"
"A for Albert"
"Y for Yatch"
"OK G-A-Y..Wait,..whaaaat:O"
"Oh my god!!"
:( Plan failed...
So time to device a new plan....
The next starbucks visit:
" name is can call me G3"
and i got a steaming coffee cup with "GITRI" written on it!!:/
Final technique:
" name is G number 3"
"You have a number for ur name:O weird!! Ok G3!!"
Well...this weirdness is far better i say!!
Whatteeee life!