Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Namely issue!!:/

"May I have your order please"
"1 tall caffe latte with 4 milk 4 sugar please"
"Sure Mam..Your name please"
"Well..let me spell it out"
"Ya Mam Go ahead.."
"Oh come on...G-A-Y-A-T-H-R-I"
"err...ok..yours ll be ready in few mins"blah blah blah.....
Well friends, this has become a big problem these days whenever i go to starbucks...well..if u still dint get what i tried to convey..let me explain....we Indians have every 5 in 10 Hindu women named Gayathri-after the mother of vedas..but these Americans always see the first 3 letters of my name and go awestruck thinkin who can have such a "gay" name :(
Every time i fly or every time i order a coffee i have to undergo this awkward situation..they never seem to be worried about the last 5 letters of my name...
So i wanted to solve this issue somehow...Next time in starbucks when they asked my name, i tried out a new technique...
"G for George"
"A for Albert"
"Y for Yatch"
"OK G-A-Y..Wait,..whaaaat:O"
"Oh my god!!"
:( Plan failed...
So time to device a new plan....
The next starbucks visit:
" name is can call me G3"
and i got a steaming coffee cup with "GITRI" written on it!!:/
Final technique:
" name is G number 3"
"You have a number for ur name:O weird!! Ok G3!!"
Well...this weirdness is far better i say!!
Whatteeee life!


Anonymous said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

Hi i am a very big fan of you gayathri. keep going..chalo.

HeMaNtH said...

May I have your order please?
1 tall caffe latte
Sure sir! Your name please?
Err.. Sorry?
Let me spell it out
Yea sir! Go ahead..
Oh :-D HE-MAN that's cool!!
#LikeABoss B-) :-P

krithika said...

aftr a long time:)..poor u....:P

ajit said...

ROFL! the same thing comes in HIMYM too! even the ppl here have problems when their names are on coffee ;) nice one..

GAYATHRI said...

@both the anonymous and kika: thanks :D
@He-man: hahaha very funny:/
@ajit: You mean SWARLEY episode??! tat was waaaaaaaaaaay toooooo funny :D lol but atleast SWARLEY din mean anythin like mine:(