Thursday, March 22, 2012

A day from my life without a MOT(T)O i begin my sad, "un-smart" story.When i came to the US of A...spending my parents savings,I dint even think i will have a smartphone here.But luck favoured me in the form of my cousin who shipped me a brand new "MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G"(now you know the real meaning behind my title:P) and its been 7 months with my MOTO..when he suddenly said he could take no more!!(well...he dint get charged last night:( )
That was the time i realized the friendship i shared with MOTO...i realized that i lacked my life's MOT(T)O..
Whenever i take a bus to my university,as soon as i hop onto my seat,i plug-in my earphones and forget the world around me..i facebook,check mail,text on whats-app,read blogs,see videos....well..literally everything!!
Today,after MOTO stopped charging and died out of charge..I took my first MOTO-less bus ride..a bus ride without AR.Rahman and Ilayaraja..a bus ride without 725 friends(on FB list ;) )..i..for the first time felt too lonely!!
I took my bus from Regions Bank stop(close to my apartment) and started to pray asking God to let someone i know into the bus in the next stops..Alas...what an ill-luck..normally my bus will be loaded with people i know and today there was not a single person i knew in the bus!!Then after 10 mins came the University Commons stop(another Indian abode in Gainesville) and today there was not a single friend of mine from there!!
Cursing myself I just sat sad and silent...Had it been India, I would have switched on my Mobile(NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC) Radio to listen to the PJs from the RJs...or i would ve texted my college friends...
Thats the time i thought this...Gainesville has no temples...I have to build temples for my Roomies Oviya, Aparna and Gowri(recently added to this list after a mishap as 'iphone fell into swimming pool') who are using un-smart..err... normal phones...
MOTO will be back in action in 2 days...but this will be MOTO version 2.0 as hes being replaced by AT&T...but anyways hes NOT MOTO..or NOTO (:P)..but for 2 more days my life will be without a MOT(T)O...sob sob!:(
As i was feeling sad,sorry and lonely,my destination arrives..where i see one of my friends waving at me with a smile...duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/


Muruganand Prabhakaran-System Thinking said...

Hi, I knew that you are having a great time in Gainesville... But I hope that you will get your Motto Phone to be active as soon as possible. To say that at least you have lots of Indian friends, restaurants to hang out in a regular manner. But, my situation is still worse because they is no Indian restaurants and no not even more than 20 Indian people near my place and i'm feeling so bored to stay in home alws...So i say that you are so lucky than me and enjoy your days..Don't get frustrated...Hope to see you soon in india...have a great week end..:) :)

GAYATHRI said...

Sure Muruganand!!i know how tough it is!! u ll come over evrythin soon:) hope for the best:)