Thursday, January 8, 2015

Two days of blurry vision!~

Before i actually begin this article, i wanna make a disclaimer- I wrote this with just one good eye :P So please excuse anything that got mis-spelt :P

Well, it all began 2 days after 2015 began, i was merrily playing with my nephew when i realized i am not able to read his abc play cards from a distance. Then i tried to read fb on my laptop and still couldnt read, everything got blurred!!
I didnt want to panic so i waited for 1 full day to see if it got better. But i am not all smart, i decided to drive back home (read 130 miles) after it got dark. Thus began the most terrifying drive of my life! I felt like Ishaan Awasti from Taare Zameen Par when all the sign-boards wiggled with the words and traffic lights flashed when they were actually still!!
I wanted to be safe with a full fuel tank and took some random exit which took me nowhere even after 9 miles. I had to stop my car on some road, get honked, find a gas station on my phone with the one good eye and somehow filled the tank.
Then my dear gps routed me through some damn freeway which took me through a no-man's-land. I wasnt sure if i couldnt see anyone or there were actually noone!! I called every God that i knew to help me and somehow after some 3.5 hours of half-blind driving i saw the blurry ray of hope which was my home!!
You would think this is the end of my crazy story, but no!! Everything started getting worse when i came to work.I made sure i get a doctors appoinment as soon as possible, but alas! there were no open appointments for the next two days! This was the begiining of my end!!
 I couldnt see anything clearly on my laptop screen, i couldnt even recognise my teammates who sit in the same aisle as me unless i walk up to them. I even missed wishing my superiors who wished me a happy new year, since i didn't know who was wishing me. Meetings became nightmares and presentations became problems.
I decided to stay quiet (which is so unlike me) and nod and smile at every image of the character that walks past me at work. I avoided cafe visits and bored my friends about how i could not see!!
After 2 days of ultimate panic i visited my eye doctor who confirmed my fears- yes.. i got bespectacled :(
He told me that i had to wear glasses hereafter..i suddenly became a deflated balloon!! Since my childhood i have always wanted to wear specs seeing movie heroines sport them.. whenever i visit sunglass stores i try on every damn frame and think i look cool.. and now when i am imposed upon with specs i somehow felt totally opposite of being excited! Irony huh!?!
Well.. now that i have to wear specs hereafter, i just had one image in my mind :P
Dear God,I just have one thing to tell you:

I was free I was happy I had no specific mission
I was normal and then suddenly u took away my vision
If you think this was meant to be and will act as a lesson
Let me tell u that nerdy glasses are soooo much in fashion :P
Hey dandanakka danakunakka :D

ps: after a looooooooong time back to my mokka posting ;) Happy new year all :)