Wednesday, December 2, 2009

கல்லறைப் பூக்கள்...

வாழ்கை முடிந்த இடத்தில்....
தொடங்கும் புது வாழ்வு.....

கல்லறைப் பூக்கள்!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

நான் ஒரு விவசாயி!!

"கடவுளென்னும் முதலாளி கண்டெடுத்த தொழிலாளி விவசாயி விவசாயி!!"
என்ன டா EEE படிச்சுட்டு இருந்த பொண்ணு விவசாயி ஆய்டாளேன்னு பாக்கறீங்களா!!அது வேற ஒண்ணும் இல்ல..எங்கபாத்தாலும் RECESSION ங்கறான்..வேற ஒரு வேலை கைய்யோட வெச்சுக்கலாம் ன்னு விவசாயம் பழகறேன்:);):p
ஒரே குழப்பமா இருக்கோ?கீழ் வரும் புகைப்படங்களை காணவும்:

அதாவது FACEBOOK ல FARMVILLE ன்னு ஒரு விளையாட்டு..அந்த விளையாட்டுல நமக்குன்னு ஒரு வயல் உருவாக்கி பயிரிட்டு அறுவடை செய்யணும்..அதுக்கேத்த சன்மானம் கிடைக்கும்.இந்த விளையாட்ட விளாயட ஆரமிச்சு அது வினையாகி நிருத்தமுடியாம இன்னும் விவசாயம் செஞ்சுன்றுகேன்.இப்போவே பாதி தேறிட்டேன்..வேலை கிடைக்கலனா கவலையே இல்ல எனக்கு;)

நீங்களும் இந்த விளையாட்ட விளையாடுங்க..நா அனுபாவிக்கற அதே சந்தோஷம் உங்களுக்கும் கிடைக்கட்டும்...;):):):)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well...i was thinkin not to post before november..but then this tamil youth guys made me to post....
Ilayathalapathi Thala Vaal LittleSuperstar Verylittlesuperstar Chinnathalapathy Microthalapathy Millithalapathy Puratchithalapathy Sooravalithalapathy nu evan evano kelambi...padam edukaren nu comedy panra indha kaalathula...Kamal Vikram Surya nu 3 perudhaan different ah makkala sandhoshapadutharaanga...
Matha elaarayum kalaaichu comedy panna pasanga..surya naa silent ah poindhaanga...because he was decent to the core..goodlookin nd handsome..semma social image..super family..cute love story..chubby daughter...Ipdi oruthan irundhaa ponnunga avan mela paithyamaa dhaan pa irupom!idhula enna sandhegam?
Idhu porukaadha pasanga...aadhavan nu ore oru padathula nadichu surya light ah vazhimaarinadhunaala 3-4 naala surya vijay vida kevalam ajith vida kevalam nu ekkkkkkkachakama message anupuraanunga...dei pasangala...avan mela irundha veruppu elaathayum sethu vechu ipdi anupardhu vida kevalam vera edhume ila..[P.S:All the messages i received degrading surya were sent ONLY by guys!!!!!:/elaam poraama:/those guys who don ve such a bad opinion on surya can ignore this post:)you r all very sweet:)]
Idhulaam othukamudiyaadhavanga pathi no comments..but u guys ve no right to degrade him when he has all the qualities of a nice human being!!
Thats it!!
En vela mudinjudhu:)
See you all after sems:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello..knock knock!! has been nearly a month since my last post..very long gap indeed..but believe me i was not busy the whole month..but..i was too bored...was out of topics to blog..nothin new or interesting happened in my life..well there were a lot of bitter moments..a few comedies[mainly done by my hod and coll]..other than that my last month was miserable...

I dint see any movie..there were no festivals cos of a death in my family[my grandpa's brother passed away] was too boring..But..i need to blog..cant left it unattended u i ve decided to list out a few changes within myself which i noticed in the recent times:

*I started to love pink!!Dunno specific reasons!

*I am getting too angry..very frnds normally refer me as a "sorana-ketta-jenmam"..with no feelins for anythin..well now i ve started to get angry for small small things!

*I ve stopped practising music for sometime...well...accordin to my appa and amma its a big crime!!well..i guess it is:(

*I forgot how to study for exams..Unit tests were worse than jokes..managed to pass in everything somehow!lol!

*I am totally inactive always dozing off whenever i get time!I normally don sleep much..but now-a-days am gettin too much sleep...esp in class hours lol!

*I ve started to see the negatives in everything and everyone[if u notice..only the first point in this list is positive lol!]Well..i feel this is making me lose frnds..dunno..feelin as if i ve noone for myself...

Sorry idha vida mokkaya oru post irukaadhu nu theryum aana enaku solradhuku vera endha matter ume kedaikala!!phew....semester time vera...oor ulagathula iruka elaarum enakaga vendikango!!!Na exam nalla paniten na.....

................................................adha pathi oru post ezhudharen:p vera edhum edhirpaakaadheenga;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well..this topic has been runnin in my mind for long..Being a girl myself am able to feel the absense of strong bonds amongst girls..See guys..they wer friends they r frnds and they ll be frnds!!I ve come across a lot of examples for this..when two frnds..i mean guys meet after a very long time they are jus lik they wer wen they met last..But when it comes to girls in the same situation..there is hardly anything called frndship which was there b4!!lol!!Bitter Truth!!

Obviously for everything there are exceptions..but somethings cannot be denied..However many of the girls ll defend themselves sayin marriage,spouse,children and their daily chores as reasons..truth is truth!!

Let me see how many girls are modest like me[;)]lol!!And come on guys..spk out ur view point too:)

Just tell me the reason for this fact!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A small girl and her dad were walkin on the streets of their village on a very hot day!!
The sun was scorching hot!
Both of them were so tired that they couldn walk at all...But the little girl seemed anxious and chirpy and kept on questioning her dad about wat ever they came across..The dad got irritated and shouted"Keep quiet!!No more questions!!"..The little girl became sad at once and started walking silently beside her dad...Suddenly they came across a windmill...The little girl already angry that her dad had shouted at her raised her hands above and yelled.."Oh God!!U gave such a big fan for my village!!But still i am sweating!"
Her dad lifted her and kissed her with a wide smile!
{P.S:This is my 1st short story in english!lol do comment on this!}

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Its friendhip day ppl!!All the friends out there..i wish u all a happy friendship day!!Ennada verum wishes oda nirutharen nu paakareengala!!natpa pathi vaarthaigal la sonnalum adhu podhadhu!!so friendship ah laam anubhavikanum aaraya kudadhu nu namma alwarpetta aandavar oda quote ah solikinnu ipodhaiku appeat aikaren!!!ensoi pannungo!!varrrrrtaaa!!!:)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I slowly opened my eyes...i could see my mom's face.."amma...!"
"Hey its 6 am now de..u are late by 30mins...even if u start gettin ready now u cannot reach the stop to catch ur college leave it..bunk ur college today.."
"Amma!!wat r u sayin?!i ve got my IC lab today and Kavitha mam ll ask me for permission letters..oh god!i need to go..u cud ve woken me up la?!"
"Hey come on...just 1 free!!take good rest today at home.."
"My God!Amma..unbeleivable..ok ok..u are sayin to bunk then how can i say no!!seri seri am bunkin ma!!"
I take my mobile from the window sill to find numerous goodnight-messages and a missed call from Ajit.."Oh god!!why ve i received so many messages unusually!!ok let me call up Ajit.."
"Hello Good Morning.. say de.."i can hear a incredibly fresh voice of Ajit..
"Hey wat a come u attended my call in the very first ring?!Strange!!U never pick even after 3-4 calls..ok ok...why had u given me a missed call?"
"Oh..that was to inform u that myself and arjun are not comin to college today cos we ve planned to study the entire Protection and Switchgear by come u r callin me now?reached bus stop so soon?"
"Ila pa..actually i slept off a bit decided to bunk today!Anyways...fine.. enjoy ur day...ll message apoorva and divya to inform about my absense today..bye bye!!"
"Ok de bye..."
I send a message to apoorva and divya sayin i will not be coming to college today...There was no reply from both...So i went to brush my teeth thinkin they both are gettin ready for the college...
My mom comes wit a cup of coffee in her hand and a smile on her face..i get the cup from her and check my mobile for replies when i get a message from Naren..
"Hey ppl..Good am going to Casa Piccola with my girl friend for i won be comin to college...please inform Essakiraj sir that i dint attend the lab today for the reason mentioned above"
"Hey Naren even am not going today cheers!Heard Ajit and Arjun are bunking too!"
"Lol!How come he is missing a lab class?!Weird!"
"Ya..Lol!!ok yaar enjoy bye bye:)"
And i trace back Naren's first message and get horrified!!"GIRLFRIEND??????God only knows wats happenin !!"
I have my coffee..browse paper..and find a big block news item
"Dr.X,HOD,@#^*%(!$) Engineering College was arrested last evening 3:00PM after he asked questions to Ram,a student regarding the late submission of leave letter..The student who is said to be the victim was found unconscious after facing a row of questions from Mr.X,his head of the dept. which had nothin to do with his late submission of the leave letter..On detailed investigation it was found that Mr.X had narrated an imaginary situation in which the student had got a job in INFOSYS and had to face severe punishment for submitting his project reports late to the Project head who was somewer in Bangkok.The student unable to understand how such a situation could arise dropped down uncounscious and is still in a koma..."
"What nonsense!!I was actually expecting this to happen someday..and it happens today"My head was spinning literally!!
Beep beep...1 message received-kapil
"Hi..why dint u come something unusual happened in coll re..hariharan was given a suspension for bunkin the class and goin to canteen..dunno wats gonna happen..ll tell u wen things are finalised..We are in OOPs class now...its damn interestin.."
"Hariharan getting a suspension!!Hes the mooooost sincere chap who does every class work and readin on a daily basis...he bunked huh??!!and OOPs class interestin aaaah[:O]seriously mysterious!!"
Suddenly the phone rings and i find apoorva's landline number on my caller ID.. i pick it up
"Hello.."i could hear Divya's voice[:o]"Hey myself and apoo are on the way to ur house..we ll see Harry Potter-6 in Chromepet INOX de!just book the tickets for the noon show!"
"wat the...."
I slam the phone down when it rings again....
I try to ignore it but somethin was happenin to me..i was no found with the coffee cup or newspaper...i feel as if am lying down flat..I try to rub my eyes..
I rub them to find am on bed closing my eyes..
Alas!!!!!it was a dream!!well maybe this is called a FANTAS[Y]TIC DREAM[:D]

P.S:Friends if u don find anything amusing above then please understand that those things stated as a happenin above ve never happened in my life and am waitin for such things to happen lol!!Evlovoooooo paathutom.idha paakamaatoma:p

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today is my dad's bday!!!I gifted my dad with the following lines for his bday:)

என் அறிவுக்கண் திறந்து...

நல்லதை காதில் புகுத்தி...

மற்றவர் மூக்கின் மேல் விரல் வைத்து வாய் மூடுமாறு நான் வளர...

என்றைக்கும் கை கொடுத்து...தோளுக்கு தோள் கொடுத்து..

என் நெஞ்சினில் தன் கால் தடம் பதித்த அப்பாவுக்கு என் இதயம் கனிந்த பிறந்தநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துகள்!!!


உனக்கு என்றுமே குழந்தையாய் தெரியும் உன் இருபது வயது மகள்!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well...the title of my post says it all....these 3 guys above...who are the protagonists of the movie may be known to us as our own friends...or maybe we are one among these 3..or maybe they are the friends of our friend...yes!!!This movie is a tribute to great friendship and true love!!!

This movie is all about friends helping for another friends love...but wait...the story doesn end there...when they help for their friends love its just the intermission...Then..wat is the story actually about?

We all ve seen only "The End" card after a very difficult register marriage with parents and goons chasin, in any movie...but this story is about the friends[who normally in each movie are sappais as often quoted by Vivekh]who help for a friends marriage and the odds faced by them...well the story is new...and surprisingly true!!!

I can never say anything about the acting of the characters...cos..they ve lived in the movie...This movie is our story or ur story or maybe ur frnds story...well ppl...all i ve to say is this movie is a must-watch..don miss it!!!Hats off to everyone associated with this movie!!!
And..the girl who acts as Sasikumar's sister is differently-abled it seems..i dint know that when i saw the movie...came home surfed online about the movie and came to kno that she cant hear and speak!![:o]..GR888 acting by her..kudos to her confidence[:)]

P.S:Am very angry with Sasikumar,The guy who is Pandi in this movie,Director,Dialogue writer and the cameraman of this movie!!!Wonder why??The awesome work of these people ve earned them standin ovation for most of the movie that guys climb on the theatre seats and clap,whistle etc that i missed very gr8 dialogues and scenes:(lol!!the best thing which i inferred from this theatre experience was that me & my friends were the only people watchin this movie for the first time....everyone else are repeat audience who seemed to ve seen this movie for atleast 3!!They keep shoutin dialogues along with the character now and then!!

Well nadodigal-a tribute to true friendship and true love..both being the needs of the hour!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Atlaaaast!!found time for a post after 4 weeks!!Siddhu had tagged me!!Here i go:)

Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
A: "இந்த நாள் உன் காலண்டர் ல குறிச்சு வெச்சுக்கோ....இன்னும் பத்தே மாசத்துலா நா உன்ன விட பத்து கிலோ அதிகமாகி காட்டல...என் பேரு ஹே ஹே ஹே காயத்ரி இல்ல!!!யா யா யா யா!"This is wat i said[:P]

Q: How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?
A: Rs 130/- only...[scene la;)]

Q: What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?
A: college[thinkin how?! college==bore:(]

Q: What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
A: "Show me the meanin of bein lonely"[backstreet boys]:)

Q: Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
A: Maadi veetu anu akka:)

Q: What are you wearing right now?
A:Skirt and shirt:)

Q: Do you label yourself?

Q: Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own?

Q: Bright or Dark Room?
A: Dark Room:)

Q: What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
A: Siddhu...en school life la irundha ore english speakin character..aana ipo apdiye local tamil ku maarina anniyan:)His handwritin ll make u think he wrote it wit his left hand while ridin his bike on a mountain[avan normal ah ezhudhardhe apdidhaan irkum:p i still remember ppl sayin him"un kaiezhuthu en thala ezhuthu maari irku" lol!]Above all hes a very gr8 frnd of mine:)

Q: What does your watch look like?
A: It ll look very very sleek and lean[just like me:D]

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
A: Sleepin[pinna vera enna edhirpaatheenga?!]

Q: What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
A:"Good evenin"from my besttu frndu apoorva[:)]

Q: What’s a word that you say a lot?
A:Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!![:p][don think am very sentimental..i shout ammmmma for everythin lol!!]

Q: Who told you he/she loved you last? (Please exclude spouse , family, children) was my school mate..actually i always call him anna..but he saw me as a crush which i came to kno later lol!![Past is past..ipo avane nenachupaatha asingamaa irkum lol]

Q: Last furry thing you touched?
A: JIJU my teddy bear[:)]

Q: Favorite age you have been so far?
A:Maybe...hmmm...i guess 10th std and 18 too:D wooow!!!:)

Q: What was the last thing you said to someone?
A:"En ipdi enna paduthara!!?"to my paati lol!!:p

Q: The last song you listened to?
A: "Poovinai thirandhu kondu"from aanandha thaandavam!!beautiful song:)

Q: Where did you live in 1987?
A:God knows cos i wasn born then!!

Q: Are you jealous of anyone?
A:Ya!!My GR8 frnd ajit..a brilliant mathematician and he has a gr8888888 attitude towards anythin in life..its actually no jealousy..its kinda an admiration:)cheers ajit:)

Q: Is anyone jealous of you?
A: No chance!!i don think i possess anythin to be jealous of lol!!

Q: Name three things that you have on you at all times?
A: 1.A large smile on my face:)
2.Of course dress:p
3.A pillow or teddy or anythin to hug:)

Q: What’s your favorite town/city?
A: Chennaipattinam:D

Q: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
A:Well i wrote a letter but dint mail but gave it directly to my lab assistant jeevitha[:/] was an apology letter[grr....]for not returnin the lab equipments..[silly lady!!]

Q: Can you change the oil on a car?
A:Adhulaam namma vela ila[:p]

Q: Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?
A: was RAJINI[:D][Can write one full post abt my madness towards rajini lol]Last thing i heard abt him is tat hes havin 100 get-ups for a song in endhiran choreographed by Prabhu Deva:)
Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: Ya my forehead:(

Q: What is your current desktop picture?
A:Me and my bessssssssssssssssssssssst frnds Divya and Apoorva in beach:D

Q: Have you been burnt by love?
A: no...burnin ah[:o]lol!
Well..i pass this tag onto whoever comments on this post:)[Idhu epdi irukku;)]

Friday, May 29, 2009


"பாட்டி!" என்று ஆசையாய் சிரித்த செல்லப் பேரனை உச்சி நுகர முன்னே பாய்ந்தேன்...இருவருக்கும் இடையில் தடையாய்-

கம்ப்யூட்டர் திரை!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok!!ok!!no shoutin..i know my fans out there have been eagerly awaiting for my post for 3 weeks!!lol!!Now is the right time for the post...know why??I ve been wanting to save some web-space by doing two things in one post!!!!!
Yessssssssssss people!!!THIS IS MY 50TH POST!!!![HURRAY!!HAYYA!!JOLLY!!Ok ok adangikaren:D]
Well...wat is the need for me to post the 50th post after 3 weeks from my 49th post..cos.......THE IDES OF MAY..THIS WAY ABT TO HAPPEN..i mean this is special always in the ides of may cos...15TH OF MAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!![HEEEEY HAYYAAAAAAA!!!no no no not again!!again adaki vaasikren:D]sooooo...for my bloggie... i wish to do something spl!!! u go bloggieeeeee!!
YUMMY YUMMY CAKE!!!! let me come to myself!!!!Had a helluva time wit my friends ofcourse not on my b'day but 3 days b4 my bday cos.......again in order to do two things at a time myself and my bessst friend Divya celebrated our birthdays on her b'day[;)] and soooooo.....

THIS IS CALLED AS A B'DAY CAKE[:D]Lol..[Don get wild frnds!!]And wanna know how we had fun???!?!?!

Finally the monkey gang settled down wit the cake sayin"eppadi irundha naan ipdi aiten"lik this!!!

P.S:I got a new dress for my b'day...paavam bloggie gave it a new template too[:D]
P.P.S:I have got my semester exams from won be bloggin upto June4...ipovaadhu padikalaam nu idea..ilaati ummaachii kanna see u soon guys..
P.P.P.S:If u guys have heart,lung,kidney,chutney etc...pls pray i must score well in my exams[:p][:((]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

கண்ணன் என் காதலன்!

தென்னங்கீற்றின் வழியே கண்டேன் நிலாக்கோடுகளை.....
ஆம்!ஜன்னலிலிருந்து ஓர் பௌர்ணமி இரவு....
மனதில் இன்பம் பால்நிலாவைப்போல் பொங்கியது....
எனக்கும் காதல் வந்துவிட்டதா?...
ஏன்??! நானும் பெற்றோரின் அன்பு மழையில் மண்ணிலே முளைத்த மனிதக் காளான் தானே?????!
என்னுள்ளே காதல்!இது கண்டதும் வந்த காதல்!...
எப்போதும் கண்டுகொண்டே இருக்கிறேனே!!!
பேரழகு என்னை கவர்ந்துவிட்டது!!
ஆம்!!மற்றவர்கள் இயற்கை அழகியை நோக்கிக் கொண்டிருக்க....
அங்கே அழகனை உணர்ந்தேன் நான்!!
வெண்ணிலாவின் பின் கண்டேன் அவனை...
என் காதலன்...மேலே..இருளில் தெரிந்தான்!!
கரிய நிற கண்ணன்!!
தினமும் என்னைக் காணும் அவனை இன்று தான் நான் கண்டேன்!
காதலை உணர்ந்தேன்!!
என்னைக் காண அவனுக்கு இத்தனை நட்சத்திரக் கண்களா!?
அவனைக் காண எனக்கும் ஆயிரம் கண்கள் வேண்டும்!!
இதோ!!குறும்பு மின்னல் சிரிக்க...மேளதாளத்தோடு வந்துவிட்டான் என்னைக் கைப்பிடிக்க-

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sitting in front of the computer i am puzzled!!its nearly ten days i ve touched the computer...hmmmph!!!The college works drove me mad...records.. observations..model practicals...assignments..aaaarrgh!!cha..i missed a lot in these ten days!!But today surprisingly a holiday..i sit clueless..wat to do..i badly need to enjoy!But my mp3 player is not room is very shabby i don even feel like sittn there as i need to clean it:(..Guys have all the ways to pass their time...going out wit friends roamin here and!!I don find any time pass for myself!!Noone nearby to roam boring my life is..its becoiming kinda new ventures..and my world is a small circle of home-college-home:(..I took up my school days slam books photos..revisited that phase of life!!wat a fun we had had!!unbelievable..i was the chief prankster i am silently sittin in coll sayin yes to wat ever the lecturers say..completin all hws assignments on time..answerin all questions..cha horrible!!

During my school days never did i write ant hw...never did i listen to any class..but it was not me alone..the entire class was like that...But in my college i could find people who always study..always do hw always listen in others who deviate from this kinda pattern get punished...fearing for that i am compelled to follow the seriously wont those sincere-guys feel "I NEED A BREAK"..Never!!I see them always with books...

Is that the only best thing in life??!

Definitely not...there is a very beautiful life beyond books...

U must see my notes and books...all the margins will be filled wit my name in different colors different fonts...Just for this purpose i carry different colored pens to!Till date i ve tried out 1000s of signatures!!

Hmmm..dunno how those guys and girls read time pass nothin!!shabba....semma blade their life ll be!!

The only thing i feel proud about myself is my creativity[Even i dint identify am friends said so...they say wat ever i do has somethin new and attractive which made me develop those skills!!]So i wanna write something off...reduce the burden of my blogged off all the thoughts in my heart!!

I sign off praying to lord"Oh GOD!!!Please make those sincere people jus lik me so that i can take rest from doin assignments hws and other works!!:p"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am now sitting alone in my room just thinking about this same day 2 years ago...1april 2007!!My mind was filled with thoughts running with the speed of a sprinter..
"One month..jus one results will come..i feel i ll score 1140 for 1200...maybe i ll get a medical seat...if not that then let me prepare for JIPMER entrance on May 21...or AIIMS on May10th...i badly need to get medical seat..then i ll become a doctor..the very first in my family...Last month when i saw that KILI JOSIYAM that guy said u r capable of bcomin a doctor or a gr8 engineer[he knows only two professional courses!!even then he told that to ME!]..let me wait for my results!!God ll save me!!"

But when the results came...the night b4 my b'day..i remember how shocking it was!A 1040 for 1200....the score which i ve never even dreamt of...I remember that second even now..tears gushed out..i cried very badly...i dreamt of bcomin a doc on april 1..and i got fooled!!!my mind went blank after continuous crying....


"Appa please dont break down..i ll do some microbiology or something...please don hate me!!"i remember myself cryin to my dad...parents dint talk with me anna started to counsel me saying everything is for good..87% not bad etc....nothing could console me...THE WORST B'DAY of my life i would say it was....

But after that lots of things happened to make me forget such a bitter happening...somehow someone helped me..and now i am here...I don want anymore such bitterness in life!!

Well...this was just a random post...will be back with my original vigour in the next post!!:)

P.s:Even now nothin is spoilt...maybe i can become DR.GAYATHRI if i follow anyone of the ideas below:

1.Marry a guy who can give me DR as initial[:p]
2.Act movies lik our ilayathalapathy vijay[sorry DR.VIJAY:/]
3.After B.E do a M.E or M.S and Ph.D and get a doctrate[;)]

he he he...I AM BACK[:P]

Saturday, March 28, 2009

அடடே !!!

ஊர் அம்மன் கோயில்..சன்னதிக்குள்ளே பூசாரி....
"யம்மா பரமேஸ்வரி!!!எப்படிம்மா இருக்க?உன் வீட்டுகாரர் ஆதிசிவன் எப்படிம்மா இருக்காரு?பசங்க கணேசனும் குமரனும் சௌக்கியமா?மலை நாட்டுல வேற இருக்க...குளிரு பழகிடுச்சா?"
"அடியே கமலா!!பூசாரிக்கு அருள் வந்திடுச்சு டி!ஆத்தாவோட பேசறாரே!!!கேக்குதா?!"..இது நீலா...
"ஆமாம் டி!என் புள்ளைக்கு வெளி நாடு போற நேரம் எப்போ வரும்னு கேக்கணும் டி!"இது கமலா!
"அது கெடக்குது!!நம்ம தங்கத்தோட புருஷன் எங்க போனானோ..ஆத்தாகிட்ட கேக்கணும்!!!!"சீரியல் கதாநாயகிக்காக மங்களம் பாட்டி வேண்டிக்கொண்டிருந்தாள்!
"நமக்கு நம்ம ஆளு வொர்க் அவுட் ஆவுமா நு கேக்கணும்...பூசாரி கிட்ட கேட்டுடவேண்டிதான்...ஆத்தா கரெக்ட் டைம் ல தான் வந்துருக்க!!"ரமேஷ் நெஞ்சுக்குள்ள மா மழை!!

"எல்லாரும் மன்னிக்கணும்...வெளிநாட்டுலேந்து பொண்ணு போன் போட்டிருந்தா..அதான் காக்க வெச்சுபுட்டேன்..."
காதிலிருந்த ப்ளூ டூத்ஐ கழட்டிய படியே வெள்ளே வந்தார் பூசாரி!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The sweet whistles of beautiful birds......
My favourite song played in a distant tea-shop.....
A peculiar horn of a speeding lorry on the highway.....
The college bell ringing once in every hour......
When there are lots like these worth hearing.....
Her talks always disturb me!!! my TEACHER![:P]

Sunday, March 1, 2009


ஓரெழுத்தும் படிக்காமலேயே வாழ்க்கையில் உயர்ந்துவிட்டான்......

கட்டடத் தொழிலாளி!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

காதல் கதை!

உலகத்தில் உள்ள தலை சிறந்த எழுத்தாளர்களாலும் எழுதமுடியாத ஒரே கதை.......

என் பெற்றோருக்கே தெரியாத எனது காதல் கதை !!![:P]

{This post is not having any connection with its author other than the fact that the author wrote it purely out of her own imagination!!![;)]}

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well....i was sittin in front of amma to have my hair plaited...she was saying.."When u wer in ur 3rd std and all u used to have thick dense u r losin hair in lots"..i was mmm-ing occasionally....she was sayin how i used to dress up as she liked..with big bindhi and orange flowers and all..and suddenly she sayin"aana seriyaana kutti pisaasu de nee"[but u wer such a devilish kid].."why ma"i askd..

"When u wer a kid if someone whom u don lik comes home u used to turn ur face the opposite side haughtily..u never went near any uncle or aunt of urs...always u used to hold the end of my sari and stand....and the worst of all...u and ur second cousin ajju jointly used to tease ur other friend vaithi.."

"stoooooooooooooooooop..wat wat...wat are u sayin not able to listen to these childish things ma!right from the day i knew wats around me vaithi has been my frnd...why ll i tease such a good frnd??don be stupid ma"i shouted!!

"hey i kno de....u used to play 'teacher-teacher'..u wer the headmistress..ajju was the principal...and paavam vaithi ll be the peon...u used to play 'doctor-doctor'..u wer the doc..ajju was the compounder and poor vaithi was the patient....u used to play 'shakthimaan'...ajju was shakthimaan u wer geetha vishwas and sadly vaithi was thaamraaj kilvish....u wer such an egoist mean stupid jealous..blah blah blah blah.......girl!"sayin this she hit my head"DONG" playfully....

i went deep into thoughts..."was i lik that??"i was thinkin....poor vaithi...was i so stupid...and suddenly the clock bell rang 5..."oh god!!!from tomo i ve got to go to colls!!!"wait wait...."how fast ve i grown up...i felt very idiotic when i listened to those things said by in coll..i ve grown up!!LOL!only now i realise!!!cha...vaithi sorry da!i kno u won even remember these..wherever u r am sorry da..cha how stupid i ve been.."

i ran to my room meddled my cupboard and finally got hold of a superb still....and saw the kutti pisasu with two helpers starin at me!!!amma u are rite ma:D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


"Dark days ahead..."
I heard my fairy tell..
"Dark days ahead..
So go and dig a well"
I saw no rains that summer
and that rang a bell
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell...

"Dark days ahead..."
I heard my fairy tell...
"Dark days ahead..
So find a new place to dwell"
Earthquake shattered my home
and i could recall well
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell..

"Dark days ahead.."
I heard my fairy tell..
"Dark days ahead...
So dont smile at any Belle"
I came across a pretty girl
and smiled forgetting fairy's spell
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell...

The beauty smiled back well..
and emotions made heart swell...
"Dark days ahead.."
I heard my fairy tell..
"Get lost you foolish spirit"
I shooed the fairy with a yell...
"Dark days ahead..
That's all i can foretell!"
I got gifts for my Belle..
I sold everything i could sell...
"Darks days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell...
I lost all my properties..
Poverty was the only thing i could smell..
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell..

Losing everything i fell ill...
My hunger increased that i couldn quell...
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell..
My girl sat beside and sounded like a knell..
"I am leaving you useless..see you in the hell!"
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell...

I suddenly saw things happen..
The lass turned into a red gel..
Then she got a form..
A black maiden..the messenger from the hell..
"Dark days ahead.."
I had heard my fairy tell...
I saw her on my way to hell..
She flew near me to cast a spell..

"Dark days ahead..
I always used to foretell...
I wanted you to fare well..
Not to end up in the hell!
Here i give you a chance
may you get well..
go back to your house
and live on your own will!!"

"Days ahead are yours
That's all i can tell..
if you scared of the hell
You can live your life well"
I came to my home
and started to live a new life..
"Dark days ahead.."
Gosh..the fairy is no more to tell!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


தேர்வெழுதும் அறையில் மாணவர்களை கவனிக்காது தனக்குள்ளே சிரித்தார் கண்காணிப்பாளர்.....

தான் காப்பியடித்த ஞாபகத்தில்!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well guys!!after a break am back again...this time the topic i ve taken is a very practical one...yesterday i was seeing a tv show where there were parents who lost their children the sense jus because they were strict with their children they ran away from house....

A mother in the show was cryin thru out and i got tears that i switched off the tv.."well these kids must be really stupid to run off"i thot...and already i was sad cos my mobile dint work for the past 1 week..i had been pesterin my dad for a mobile..

Today mornin i got up and again asked him for a mobile...he got too tensed that he started to shout at me very badly just lik naataamai vijayakumar[:(]and dint stop for 15 mins..he started with the mobile problem..went thru my "not-eating-at-all" problem...came to the ego fite i had wit anna and ended up sayin"you ve become very adamant these days very disappointin..."

I started cryin and stopped only after he left for work..i cried and cried and cried...and finally thot.."appa is scoldin me so much..i felt bad so am cryin..but i don feel i must run off..why???"

Then my brain answered"you idiot..don u compare urselves with those kids...wat ve u not got..u ve a room u ve a computer..good education..lovin parents who get u evrythn u want...but ofcourse u struggle to get things done..ultimately u get them..thou they shout here they talk high abt u to others...remember wat appa said seein ur blog"blog and all is fine but concentrate in ur studies" but the same appa was sayin ur cousin"shes brilliant..multi talented am very proud..u must see her blog" and u overheard fool!!u know they love u...they adore u sooo much..but they don show it out!!'

Automatically my tears stopped...b4 appa left for work he called me and said"I got a superb diary for newyear...its very beautiful...i ll give it to u today evenin...don keep all the scoldins in good bye..."

Tears came out brain said"atlast u r cryin for a happy moment...tears useful for the first time!!!"

Now i say..those kids who ran away and make their parents cry are all fools!!!Parents are the only people who love us the most!!!I can say even friends are myth b4 parents...