Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am now sitting alone in my room just thinking about this same day 2 years ago...1april 2007!!My mind was filled with thoughts running with the speed of a sprinter..
"One month..jus one results will come..i feel i ll score 1140 for 1200...maybe i ll get a medical seat...if not that then let me prepare for JIPMER entrance on May 21...or AIIMS on May10th...i badly need to get medical seat..then i ll become a doctor..the very first in my family...Last month when i saw that KILI JOSIYAM that guy said u r capable of bcomin a doctor or a gr8 engineer[he knows only two professional courses!!even then he told that to ME!]..let me wait for my results!!God ll save me!!"

But when the results came...the night b4 my b'day..i remember how shocking it was!A 1040 for 1200....the score which i ve never even dreamt of...I remember that second even now..tears gushed out..i cried very badly...i dreamt of bcomin a doc on april 1..and i got fooled!!!my mind went blank after continuous crying....


"Appa please dont break down..i ll do some microbiology or something...please don hate me!!"i remember myself cryin to my dad...parents dint talk with me anna started to counsel me saying everything is for good..87% not bad etc....nothing could console me...THE WORST B'DAY of my life i would say it was....

But after that lots of things happened to make me forget such a bitter happening...somehow someone helped me..and now i am here...I don want anymore such bitterness in life!!

Well...this was just a random post...will be back with my original vigour in the next post!!:)

P.s:Even now nothin is spoilt...maybe i can become DR.GAYATHRI if i follow anyone of the ideas below:

1.Marry a guy who can give me DR as initial[:p]
2.Act movies lik our ilayathalapathy vijay[sorry DR.VIJAY:/]
3.After B.E do a M.E or M.S and Ph.D and get a doctrate[;)]

he he he...I AM BACK[:P]


Lancelot said...

me the first...

Darshana said...

i vouch for the first option.... :P

Karthik said...


GAYATHRI said...

lance anna..neenga first..aana wers the comment???

GAYATHRI said...

lol!!chumma velayaatuku sonnen[:p]

GAYATHRI said...

[:O:O:O]karthik anna onume pesaama comment adichutaaru!!chennayil mazhaikaalam dhaan!!

ajit said...

i prefer the first or even the third option sounds good :D :P
first one is easier though try that...:P lol!!!!!
Don worry a decade down ur life...u wont repent for this..probably u ll feel happy for it!

GAYATHRI said...

lol chumma sonna odne elaarum serious ah eduthukarele!ok anyways i am not sad for my present status..cos i wud not ve been happy if my dream had come true probably!!everythin happens with a reason:) but if i had bcum a doc it wud ve been a serious sincere life sans fun[:p]

Lancelot said...

@ G3

Nethu pottathu chumma trailer ippothan full picture...

//1.Marry a guy who can give me DR as initial[:p]//

the optional guys - 1) DROGBA (footballer); 2) D RAJENDAR (Like TR he is DR rendu perukkum romba vidhyasam illai); 3) DOOMIKUPPAM ROBERT - pettai dada, semmaya FINISHING touch kodupparu... yaarunu sollu naanum Kartikum pesi mudichidurom...

//2.Act movies lik our ilayathalapathy vijay[sorry DR.VIJAY:/]//

magalae nee act pannu venangalae - but ACT MOVIES LIKE OUR VIJAY nu sonna paaru athuthaan terroraa irukku, avan moiveyae kodumai avana mathiri nee movie nadichinaa - vennam naan acid adipen (Kartik ithai aamodhipaan paaru - enna avan uppu pottu soru thunravan :P)

//3.After B.E do a M.E or M.S and Ph.D and get a doctrate[;)]//

aiyayo ithukku padikanumae...cha cha cha...

appuram annan pera kedukura mathiri 1040than eduthurukae...annan evlo mark theriyumma??? 1049 unna vida 9 mark time nalla bittu adichu nalla mark vaanganum ok...

Karthik Lollu said...

Kalaikalamnu thaan vanden... aana... so adhaan inda smiley!!

gils said...

neenga erkanvay daater thana..unga athey use pankinga...daater g3 :D evlovo poli docs irukanga..ungala matum en vitu vaipanen :D

GAYATHRI said...

lance anna!!!unga idea laam paakum podhu kannu koooooosudhu!!
//yaarunu sollu naanum Kartikum pesi mudichidurom...//
anna!!paathu solrenunga[;)]
next time kandippa nalla mark vaangaren[bit illama:)]

GAYATHRI said...

karthik anna
no peelings...coooooool[B)]

GAYATHRI said...

gils!!enna idea paaaaaaaaa!!mudila!!lol!

siddhu said...

unakku first optionlaam velaikkavadhu....
2nd dhaan best...nee saadharanama nadichaale avana maadhiridhaan irukkum!!

GAYATHRI said...

siddhu!![:/]u know i hate vijay la![:/]grr!!!!

Karthik Lollu said...

Thangachi unakku VIJAY pidikaada??


April 1 nesamaa un birthday va??

GAYATHRI said...

karthik enna enaku suthhhhhhhhhhhamaa vijay my b'day is may 15[:)]
en shout box la solirkene!!
p.s:madhuri dixit kum aniku b'day[ipdilaam sollidhaan en pozhape odudhu:p]

Karthik Lollu said...

En birthday anaikku shreya birthday.. aana adhukkunu avangala kathikka mudiyuma??

GAYATHRI said...

@karthik anna:dhodaa aasaya paaru!!!aniku dhaan twin towers la attack pannanga..apo ungala yaaradhu attack panida poraanga:P

AMIT said...

Sometimes our dreams do not come true.

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shankar said...

My fried too had the same feeling when she joined BE.. She was a gold medalist in her BE, and now heavy position in IBM.. So all for good!

K.Kiran said...


As they say "It's not the end of the World" :-)

All the best,


Anonymous said...
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