Wednesday, January 14, 2009


தேர்வெழுதும் அறையில் மாணவர்களை கவனிக்காது தனக்குள்ளே சிரித்தார் கண்காணிப்பாளர்.....

தான் காப்பியடித்த ஞாபகத்தில்!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well guys!!after a break am back again...this time the topic i ve taken is a very practical one...yesterday i was seeing a tv show where there were parents who lost their children the sense jus because they were strict with their children they ran away from house....

A mother in the show was cryin thru out and i got tears that i switched off the tv.."well these kids must be really stupid to run off"i thot...and already i was sad cos my mobile dint work for the past 1 week..i had been pesterin my dad for a mobile..

Today mornin i got up and again asked him for a mobile...he got too tensed that he started to shout at me very badly just lik naataamai vijayakumar[:(]and dint stop for 15 mins..he started with the mobile problem..went thru my "not-eating-at-all" problem...came to the ego fite i had wit anna and ended up sayin"you ve become very adamant these days very disappointin..."

I started cryin and stopped only after he left for work..i cried and cried and cried...and finally thot.."appa is scoldin me so much..i felt bad so am cryin..but i don feel i must run off..why???"

Then my brain answered"you idiot..don u compare urselves with those kids...wat ve u not got..u ve a room u ve a computer..good education..lovin parents who get u evrythn u want...but ofcourse u struggle to get things done..ultimately u get them..thou they shout here they talk high abt u to others...remember wat appa said seein ur blog"blog and all is fine but concentrate in ur studies" but the same appa was sayin ur cousin"shes brilliant..multi talented am very proud..u must see her blog" and u overheard fool!!u know they love u...they adore u sooo much..but they don show it out!!'

Automatically my tears stopped...b4 appa left for work he called me and said"I got a superb diary for newyear...its very beautiful...i ll give it to u today evenin...don keep all the scoldins in good bye..."

Tears came out brain said"atlast u r cryin for a happy moment...tears useful for the first time!!!"

Now i say..those kids who ran away and make their parents cry are all fools!!!Parents are the only people who love us the most!!!I can say even friends are myth b4 parents...