Sunday, April 15, 2012

TIME-The Invincible Mystery Ever

April 15,2012...This post is about how this day should have been and how it is now!!

How it should have been-
Chennai,April 15,11 AM..My room..Nokia 5310 singing "Pachai Nirame" to wake me...
I just see a text from Divya,"Somberi naaye..11:30 ku Chromepet busstop" and another text from Apoorva"Chromepet la erina odne sollu,get down at Ambal Nagar"
Yea..a month before my birthday.I needed a new dress for every birthday and will surely go shopping before a month!
I would ve woken up with a start taken bath like a crow ( yea "kaaka kuliyal") and had half of half cup rice (Amma would ve made something special for sunday,i wouldnt even pause to see what that was) get 1000 rupees or so( Oh my god!! How much i had spent when i was in India :( ) and caught an auto( atrocious i say!! ) to busstop met up with divya and caught the bus..
When we reached Ambal Nagar stop,I ll yell at Apoorva over phone to come to the stop and we are waiting.
Then comes the most memorable part..she would come in her scooty and we would go triples to Tnagar...(not to forget me polambifyin "Mama paarkaporaan de seekram po")
After a very rash drive we eri-erangify every damn store on usman road,ranganathan street,buy dress accesories(pottu thodu valayal seruppu and what not matching with my dress :P) then eat somethin in some restaurant,then go back to Apoo's house watch some flop movie( Yes!! thats more fun) then after 7PM leave home...
After that..whoever comes home will compulsorily have to see my birthday purchases :P And i will do a countdown for my birthday...

What it is in real...
Gainesville,11AM,April 15 2012
I see my moto atrix" Oh damn...its 11 am and still i feel sleepy...let me sleep some more time"..finally i decide to wake up by 11:30 am...make myself a cup of amma and talk for 10 mins "vera enna..onnum ila ingendhu" for 5 mins and "hello how are u" for 5 mins...then stare at the emptiness around me...ask each n every roommate "ena plans de" for which all give the same reply "nothin much de..should study"..then me sayin "oh..ok..hmm" sip my coffee for 20 mins...wash the mug...come to my room...facebook for 1 hr...decide i ve nothin els in life and think about blogging this...
And then silently cry "Shit its a month to my bday..and i ve noone to care about it or nowhere to shop like tnagar..." listening to ARR and Ilayaraja... dare u change my life!! u cant be won by anyone on this green grass earth!!!:/
Hate u!!