Sunday, March 23, 2008


"I hate her I hate her!!!"cried little Tom
and showed the swollen cheek to his mom.
"Math is a demon"he started to shout,
"My math ma'm is evil,she sent me out!"

"She held my hand and beat me up
she pinched my cheek and gave me a slap.
Her lion-like canines give me a nightmare
I am quitting school,I cannot bear!"

His mom got worried and thought what next
and decided to meet the ma'm,that was the best.
She reacher her house and knocked the doors,
and there came a kid of 12 on all its fours.

Tom's mom was startled to see the kid
It was not like how others did.
"Dear who is that?"Tom's mom could hear
the teacher coming out with a pang of fear.

No more did she seem to be cruel
to Tom's mom who was thinking abt her toil.
Having a special child in her home
she is coming to schoool hiding her doom.

Tom's mom dint wanna introduce herself.
So she pretended lik a stranger asking for help.
The teacher very politely answered her
wondering why her eyes dropped a tear!


ajit said...

idhuvum nalllaa irke.....when did u rite this?

Shrinivas said...

Nice one too !

GAYATHRI said...

2day morn 11 am..:)
thank u:))

Nirmal's Blog said...

good 1.....

Beena said...


K.Kiran said...


I was just mooning around the webspace looking for blogs in the Indiblogger and solely based on the name "Gayathri" I went ahead visiting your blog.(Reason? Well,no specific reason,the name was nice and thus made me to check the blog).

I read Tom and Math'Mam and decided to read other postings too.Hope your Granny is doing fine now and busy giving commentary for IPL Matches.The way you put your thoughts into words is nice.

Nice going through your blog.


GAYATHRI said...

LOL!!yeah she is..but shes really perplexed seeing ponting and ganguly in the same team wit same kinda dress..[:p]lols..

Shrinivas said...

You have been tagged by me .. [:p] ..

K.Kiran said...

Hmmm,that's indeed a cause of concern for Granny.
I guess Ponting has understood this and left the team.I guess he is no longer playing IPL matches.

Really Buddy,Granny is great.