Monday, November 19, 2007


Hmm...i hav always been thinkin abt this...Where does a person go after his death?Wat happens to his soul?(ofcourse his body is bein burnt or buried)...
Great philosophers hav said tat death is nothin but another journey...which certainky does hav a destination!I wonder wat tat weird place is?!
Jus imagine wat wud happen there....
"Hi!am Mark!Died jus a few while ago...wat abt u?"
"Hi!am Jacob...died 24hrs ago"..etc!
And suppose a person dies cos of a brutal road accident....imagine how safe it is to meet him after death!!!!!
But its not a big problem for the other dead persons...cos....they cant really DIE of fear!!!!
But jus think wat kinda place tat wud be and wer wil it be situated???
Generally ppl hav classified that weird place(ofcourse its believed to exist and no proofs til now)into 2 kinds...HELL and HEAVEN...
We all kno abt hell and heaven as places of sinners and good ppl respectively...We hav also heard tat sinners are punished in hell while others are peaceful in heaven...
But there is a small drawbac here....medically a person loses his ability to feel and all his senses if he is dead...and now if he is punished or the HELL can he feel?!
confused?!evn i am!
Well....watevr that place is called....wer can it be situated???in the air?sky?water?earth?...hmm....human beins hav invaded all these places...howcum they dint see their dead uncle mark or jacob?!
All these thots has made me actually find the answers for the 2 questions...WER DO DEAD GO AFTER DEATH?...WER IS TAT PLACE SITUATED?...
The answers for these 2 questions is the same...
Yes...they stay in our memories forever and wen we die..we reside in some others' noone is gettin perished in this earth......


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