Saturday, November 17, 2007

THOSE NAUGHTY DAYS................

Carried away by our own ideas
we have done a lot of naughty deeds.
We never wanted each of us to forget ourselves
nor the school should throw us out lik weeds!
So to create a history in the school
we did a lot of crazy things.
The school responded too violently
and sent us home..we marched out lik kings!
Making noises inside the classrooms,
talkin within ourselves without minding the teachers,
making everyone a fool by pulling their legs
we were all named by the school as mischief makers.
Then came the final working day,when we never wanted to leave
So as a remembrance,we wrote our names all over the school!
The teachers wennt mand and wanted us to clean everything
we had written our name everywhere not even leaving a stool!
The exams were stopped and we set out to work
taking blades,scales and water
not mindind whatever was the matter.
Atleast now the school couldn't 4get us for the work we had done
and the teachers scolded us to be the worst set of rogues..not students!
We were all really respecting everyone but wanted toi make things funny
The school will understand the fun behind these when we all bcum eminent!

[p.s.......the sir on the pic is our bio master and he nevr knew we took this pic!!!hee hee]


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siddhu said...

hey chrismaa va marandhuttiyaa?

GAYATHRI said...

i ll rite abt it in a seperate poem..oru poem kulla adangaadhe?!