Saturday, February 23, 2008


I will never forget 5:15pm to 6:00pm of february 22, has taught me numerous things...but this one which am going to say was not taught by life...but was made to realise by life..Love is not something which we all seem to know..its is not understood..but felt..

My grandmother suffered from a mild stoke on feb 20th..early morning...It disturbed me to a gr8 extent..I was not able to concentrate in my physics test,dint listen class...everything seemed nothing when i started crying for my paati...You may all say paatis or thathaas falling sick is natural etc..but i am not able to accept it..the reason is short and sweet......LOVE!!!

So...lemme say abt tat 45 min of today...The doctors wanted to take MRI{MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING} scan for my paati so that they could diagonise the actual problem..So someone has to be with her inside that MRI thingy room and my paati's hand held me so tightly that i was made the victim..she showed signs of fear on her face..i really was in the verge of tears..and so..she was made to lie down and some light fell upon her eyes forehead and then some motor like sound was all that i heard..I sat there staring at the bed lik thing on which my paati was lying..

The radiologist was busy doing something so that the machine is working...suddenly my mind became a MRI machine{MIND RECALLING INSTRUMENT}...yes it began scanning my past...i got lost within my thoughts...

My paati and i are the bestest best friends...we fight a lot,chat a lot,dream a lot,taunt a lot..and what not?!

She always used to quote that i grew up only in her arms right from the 45th day of my birth..when i was a baby whenever she gave e farex i used to spit it on her face it seems..i never remember to have done those...but my mom and dad always say those are!

Then i grew up to go to school..and these things i myself remember..when i was a kindergarden kid she always used to run behind me with a bowl of rice...i never used to eat..{not to forget that this is continuing still!}
I still remember her scolding me for not eating ladies finger..she used to say"vendaikka saapta moola varum" for which i wud say "apo moola illadhavaa saapadatum"...this used to be an affair every time my mom makes ladiesfinger!

Always the reason for the fights between us was FOOD!!i dont eat much{she says saapdave maata which is a nice example for the word exaggeration}..the next reason will be for singing..she always wud want me to sing her fav songs which i got bored off!!so i won sing those and we fight...i really enjoy those kinda fights with her..

Then i came to high school...she started to pester me to read well..if i see tv in midst of a heavy study schedule she wud come shouting...she is well known for her pudungal!!lol!My fav timepass always is watching a cricket match with my paati...she wud make Harsha Bhogle run for his money by her comments...and if India plays in a match thats all!!she ll start scolding everyone from our team..the most frequent comment wud be.."NAMMA OOR PASANGA DHAAN SOMBERINGA..ANDHA OOR KAARANGA LAAM PAARU..BAAL ODINAA MUNNADI POI THADUPAA..NAMMA PASANGA NANNA THINNUTU BALL PINNADI ODUVAAN..APROM JEIKALANU EN FEEL VERA PANRAANGA"..
She address Harsha Bhogle as"sotta thalayan" and always wonders"ivlo pesraane vaaye valikaadha!!"..I enjoy her comments more than the match..Whenever ricky ponting comes to bat she wud say"indha ponting irukaane seriyaana aalu..thimiru pidichavan..paaru sirichunde varaan"..these comments really makes me enjoy the match as well...According to her India vs any other team cricket match is equal to a mahabharatha war!!

The next special topic my paati likes to discuss is the characters of filmi ppl....especially ppl lik simbu,kamal,sj.surya etc...The way she scolds them are being censored..beep!!but i cant deny that they tickle my funny bone even as i write abt these aft many days!!!

Suddenly her cough brought me back to reality...since she coughed in the middle of the had to be repeated again..i had to inform her to be steady for 30 more mins...

That was when i saw her face very close...i cudn see her in such a weak state...i immediately started to cry...She as far as i knew was a lady of steel!!!She got married to my thaatha at the age of 16 and had my athai at 26 she had for children outta which my appa was the last..and unfortunately in her early thaatha died..

She was to make her 4 children study and come up in life...with no education and no job..she started to live her life for her children..she sold some properties and made them read..sent them to the mean time many of her in-laws tortured her by overloading her with work..which resulted in her deafness...she bcame deaf due to nervous stress..But she dint give up..All the 4 children got placed very well and now here i am posting a blog on her...

I cudn control my tears seeing her suffer...i sat praying for her to all the gods i knew...the radiologist overthere was watching me pray this much with curiosity..i cud read his expressions which said"ITS AFTERALL A MRI SCAN!!"..I jus stared back at which i meant"YOU ARE AFTERALL A RADIOLOGIST WHO SCANS ORGANS OF PATIENTS..HOW CAN U SCAN MY HEART AND DIAGONISE ITS FEELINGS?!"


ajit said...

nice memories....feel sad tat i couldnt stay with ma grandmom

Arv said...

Ennaiyum en paati thaan valathaanga. Amma paasam pola thaan paati paasammum, avanga kathaigal, samaiyal [en amma samaiyal vida innikkum en paati samaiyal thaan fav].

Naan college pora varaikum, en paati enga aathula thaan irundha, ippo maama aathula.

Hmmm... I could go on and on cos your post brings back a load of memories. Such a heartfelt & a moving one.

I will keep your paati, you and ur family in my prayers. Wishing for the best.


OldSailor said...

Paati's have seen this world without mobile/landline phones, internet,tv/cable tv,mixie,grinder,microwaves,automobiles ,gyms,health clubs etc.
But they managed to lead a happy,healthy life.Further they manage to adapt to this fast changing world.

Arv said...

Hiya... Hope ur paati is getting better now and the results came out good. take care.

Shrinivas said...

hope ur paati is btr now !

GAYATHRI said...

shes recovering in a gr8 speed ppl!!the only medicine we provide is CARE!!thanks a lot for ur concern and prayers!![:)]

Arv said...

so nice to hear. Wish your paati the very best :)

hope to read your next post soon.

Nirmal's Blog said...

may ur patti be strong for cuming years so that she can force u 2 eat ladies