Monday, August 1, 2011


Well...after a looooooooong time am back!! This time from someother place..not the singara chennai..but the gatorland-gainesville!!!
Currently am thought would post something take on american lifestyle!!
1.NIGHTLIFE: Since i landed her at night,i saw the nightlife first!!Around 12 in the midnight you can see an array of cars continuously moving.I thought initially that probably all those cars belong to jet-lagged Indians:P

2.BREAKFAST:Something crispy,a mug full of beverage..thats the American breakfast for u!!cereals,honeyloops,muesli,waffles,bread toast, of these...along wit a mug of coffee!!

3.LIFESTYLE:Cooking is very simple..u ask y? cos ppl just peep into the fridge..if theres yesterdays leftovers,it becomes todays lunch and they cook something new for the dinner.Else they see what is available in the fridge and discover some dish out of those ingredients available..just on one condition..It must be edible!!

4.PEOPLE:Every stranger asks me How do u do...Lol..i found that our homeland we don greet even if we see a known person..and here even a stranger greets us!!!

5.MONEY: 1$=Rs.45 approx.. well..its been 3 days here...i dint even spend a single dollar:/..A Kurkure packet which is Rs.10 is Rs.23 here...i gave up my liking for kurkure:(

6. SOUND: God...silence is at its loudest best here..cos of this silence i feel as if a band is performin inside my head..i dint even hear a single horn honk on the road!!its tooooooo calm!!

7.MISC:We get everything here....except for one feel.."home"...yes..nothin can beat my INDIA in this matter:)

Gainesville is more like a 2 yr tourist spot to me:)


R.Natarajan said...

silence at its loudest best--the oxymoron is awesome.Racy style laced with subtle humour and keen observation. very enjoyable indeed

apoo said...

njoy di gay