Monday, July 12, 2010


Its been really long since i posted something in random in my bloggie:)So let me do a post which is really quirky and random!!
So,where to begin????
Oh ya!!This is my first post from my new laptop:D:D:D[actually i wanted to blog jus cos i wud get to type somethin in my new lappie:p]I ve got a new TOSHIBA SATELLITE L645 lappie:)Sooooo happy:D
Then...since am in the final year of my engineerin i ve got to do a project which is as dumb as my BE course:/ ZERO INNOVATION;INFINITE WORKLOAD...this defines my final year project work:p
Next...currently i fell in love with this "POOKAL POOKUM THARUNAM" track from MADRASAPATTINAM....awesome composition by is in the raaga DHARBAARI KANADA..which normally used for either sad or very pressing situations in the movies...but for the first time a hardcore romantic song in this raaga!!awesome:) but i cannot forget to mention the great MALARE MOUNAMA from KARNA...which a close predecessor for this:) is divine!!!!:)
Wanting to watch Singam,ravanan,ravan,madrasapattinam...but no company:(:( so i ve decided to watch it in the system:(
Right..this is enuf for now:P ll see u soon ppl:)


vinu said...

matharasa pattinam is awesome

and ravanan is worthy to wtch comparing ravan

so decide before watch and congrats for your new laptop.

but y toshiba?

GAYATHRI said...

my cousin got it for me:)and i find it as cool as other laptops i ve seen so far:)lol this has been the question askd by evryone i say abt my lappie:)lol!!does it sound unusual gettin a toshiba??

ajit said...

lol !
have fun with ur new laptop :)

GAYATHRI said...

hey thanks ajit:D its lovely u kno:)ll show u someday:D

vinu said...

enjoy i too plan too buy one on tommorow searching the configurations now

arvind said...

Ravanan - in system?
just spend some money - find a nice theatre..

just try to understand - how a gal who insisting his husband to kill Ravan ended up defending him against his kill..

how an understanding transform her..

me nvr going to say - Mani is great..

but bringing down every emotion in the screen - needs some effort - which he uses to give..

(me nvr ate Pizza - anytime!)

Karthik said...

Pookal Pookum- Idu ghazal song, western, hindustani or classical? Sounds similar to Nee Kaatru Naan Maram from thalaivar's film :P

GAYATHRI said...

@arvind:naa inum raavan paakala:(
@karthik anna:thalaivaraa hahahahaaha:P