Friday, January 1, 2010


Hi ppl!!2010 has come:)I wish u all a very happy new year on the outset...alright...let me go into my flashback of 2009..kinda wrap up of 2009 so as to welcome 2010!!!

JANUARY:This month began with fights lol!i fought with my few dear ones for i felt they are ignoring me and not giving importance to me!LOL!Now i smile thinkin of the jan1 of stupid i had been!! i ve got a chance to ask sorry to those i hurt then:(Forgive me ppl!Then..january went off with nothing much to cherish..we dint have any festivals the entire 2009 cos of a death in our dads chithapa passed no pongal..2009s pongal was celebrated wit sun and vijay tv lol!

FEBRUARY:NOW bored i wud ve been all month...i don remember a single day in february..wat happened or wat i did!!lol..nothin eventful:(

MARCH:As i marched into march exams seemed close...that entire month i was busy with coll work...i felt me and my coll frnds started to develop a gr8 affinity towards each we started to gel in well:)we were lik THE GANG!lol..i regained my happiness which i used to have wit my school gang!!thank u ppl:)

APRIL:Well...foolish month...i don remember to ve done anything interestin in the month..well sem practicals aren supposed to be interestin rite?:P

MAY:My birthday month;)well....seriously speakin..worst bday it was..thou my skool frnds gave me a surprise party 3 days b4 my bday on my bday i felt really bad on my bday...i felt too lonely...none around i spent the entire day alone in front of the computer..i still remember wat all i spoke to one of my frnds and cried on my bday sayin none of u felt i was special etc..i hurted that poor person who called up to wish me:(how bad na lol!ok ok..past is past..sorry for that:(and...well i cant blame my was study hols all wer busy preparin for to june!

JUNE & JULY:From june only i started to experience wat exactly coll life is:D lol me and my frnds started to roam around chennai lik hell!!!!lol...every weekend we went somewer or the other...i saw all the movies[includin junk ones lik thoranai muthirai etc:p]This went on upto july!!
AUGUST:By august we seemed to realise that it was mere waste of time comin to coll cos none of the staffs seemed to teach well except one:)So we attended only 3 days out of 5 in a week averagely:)We were all never worried abt internals etc..he he he result is not out..i ll kno the consequences then:p

SEPTEMBER&OCTOBER:September..Well..this month was the beginning of rocks and boulders in my till then smooth life...I fought and cried for anythin and everythin wit anyone..i feel too stupid now!I had loads of arguements wit many frnds..fell apart in discussions...never ever felt this bad in my life!I felt i was turnin too adamant..maybe..i was still a kid in my attitude..jus as my frnds still say:(Now i feel bad for that idiotic behaviour..Sorry to everyone :(and i dint ve navarathri and diwali which made things worse:(every day in these months passed wit me sayin i hate 2009:(

NOVEMBER&DECEMBER:Finally...sems!!!i struggled a lot this sem as i knew nothin in any subject and also i had my cloooooooose cousins marriage 2 days b4 exams lol!so i couldn study at all for this sem...i don expect good results this time:(and...also...coll frnds became indifferent..many of them fell apart..many of them showed their real faces...dint feel good at all..the 2 last months of this yr showed us who ppl really are...we started to analyse our mistakes and started to rectify i feel we ve come into the track agn:) so no stoppin us from now on:):):)
From this new year we ll start a fresh bonding:)
And..i ve promised to myself to stop all the nonsense more future oriented and atleast now gain something called SERIOUSNESS!!!lol...hereafter am a strict opicer:p i asked sorry in person to all my frnds already...but then thru my blog iu wud lik to ask them all to forgive me agn:)

From 2010 i wish to take every step such that it ll be really useful for my future:By gods grace and all your prayers i hope i can do it:)
Anyways...i wish u all a very happy new year again!!!Lets all be happy and rock on:):)
PS:I started this new year listenin to hosana from vinaithaandi varuvaya...this song makes me happy whenever i listen to it..dunno y..but lol i really seem to ve a very happy beginnin:):):)


ajit said...

happpy new year to youu :)
Don worry abt wat happend and things like tat
Enjoy every moment have a gr8 year ahead :)

cooldrizzles said...

nice post deee hope u ll be strict opicer from now on lol
all the best happy new year

Karthik said...

Ella postlayum lollu irukkum.. Idu konja personal post naale enge lollu irukaadu ninachen.. parvala nerya LOL's

Thangachi edavadu problem na annanaanda sollu.. daar aakiduren.. veetla Vijay, Ajith padam DVD neraya irukku.. Potlam kattidalaam...

Naanum inda new yearaavadu unakku oru anni erpaadu pannanum irukken...

Srivats said...

Happy new year thats some thinking u have done about all the months and specific events. Semesters are scary!

GAYATHRI said...

@ajit:thanks:)wish u the same:)

GAYATHRI said...

@divs:sure inime strict dhaan:p

GAYATHRI said...

@karthik anna:appade ipovaadhu serious ah oru ponnu pathi yoskireengale:p

GAYATHRI said...

@srivats:ofcourse they r scary:(hopin for good results!!

Karthik Lollu said...

//ofcourse they r scary:(hopin for good results!!//

Ipdi solliye 85% edukka vendiyadu :D

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vinu said...

so how is the new year after the january post y no post yar.

r u soooooooooooooo busy?

Anonymous said...

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