Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ravi,Rajiv,Rani and Rahul
Gopi,Guna,Govind and Gokul...

scribbled names not on any muster roll
but on the age old walls of the doctor's hall!

The engraved names tell stories of patience
not by engravers or artists,but by patients!

Each,with their own diseases to tell
or explain the doctor how they fell..

Waiting for the doctor right from the dawn
they dint realise how the time had gone..

Some meddled their new cell phones
by pressing and playin different ring tones!

Youngsters started gossiping
about India's wicket keeping

Little children waiting,started to cry
mothers comtrolled their tears by showind the passerby

All were waiting to get the glimpse of the doctor
wanting only cure as time dint matter

All were relaxed not showing their boredom
not even moving with the slightest freedom!

Well...this poem was written by me as i was waiting for a doctor during my tenth standard!!lol!!each had their own pass times..and wat i did was recorded the entire incident in this poem i wrote then!!lol!and know wat... i was waiting from mornin 4 am to 8 am!!lol!i observed for 3hrs nd 55 mins and wrote this in 5 mins!lol!


Karthik said...

Were u waitin outside fr Rabies vaccination?? No offense.. Even i had waited fr 4hrs whn i was bitten by a dog!! Bow Bow!!

10th std la inda madhiri poem eludhura thirami ya?? Ungaluku WALL-E nu nick name Kodakalam.. (VairaKuthu nu en frnd orutharuku kodhuthuten).. Oh idhu engpleesh poem la.. So ungaluku Lillian Words'worth' nu kudakalm!!!

Karthik said...

Any idea of joinin TR, Perarasu as assistants???

GAYATHRI said...

no no..i ve never been bitten by a dog touch wood!lol!cos i scare them off[:p]
well i was waitin for treatment of urticaria..its a kind if allergy due to some food itmes lik tomato brinjal etc..
btw thanks for the kite[pattam apdeengardha apdiye englipees la transliterate pannen he he he]
and wat ve tr nd perarasu got to do wit poems[:o]

ajit said...

nice one!
gets to show u can write evn wen unwelll :P
nice! :-)

Karthik said...

avanga songs kethureengala??
Dai Irqla waru
veetla Chairu
poova katha Naaru
Music vasika Guitaru
idhutaanda Caru
othradhu TRu

Ippadi rhyming ah adipaarunga!!! Neenga Rahul Gokul tell fell nu Rhyming ah pothurikeengale!! Adhaan

GAYATHRI said...

lol!!thanks!solra alavuku unwell laam illa[:p]

GAYATHRI said...

rhyme scheme oda irundha padika nanna irkum nu i wrote..rhymin ah ezhudhardhu onum tr oda sothu illa...all poets ve rites to use rhumes..sad tat tr misused it[:(]

Arjun... said...

haha.... Good...

I too remember, I used to go to one famous doctor where i had to wait for hours.... I used to do all my homework there.....

I don't know much tamil but- unga blog nalla irrikku.. ;) hehe.. sry

Came across randomly... Jolly blog... :)


GAYATHRI said...

thanks a lot[:)]