Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is a love story..very electrifying..and here it flows..i mean goes[:p]

HENRY..the hero of our story is muscular,hefty,tall,handsome,manly and...attractive!!He can make any one glow at their faces[;)]..He is an inductor..oops sorry! an inspector!!Alone and awesome he s known for his braveries...and respected by everone in (electri)city!!
//*music and song praising our hero and his characteristics*//

He is always a hard hearted man in any situation and doesnt know the phase of sadness or love..he s always rough and tough!!!
Everything was fine when our heroine MILLICENT enters into his life!!
//*la la la la....a song to describe our heroine*//

She s a naughty,cute,beautiful,mesmerising girl!!!Our hero meets her in a junction..sorry..function for the resistor..sorry minister s come back from a foreign country...Henry sees Millicent by the side of the minister and wants to make her MILLIHENRY[:p]
//*a duet with hero and heroine as imagined by switz or paris*//

Yeah!!!its love at first light..cha..sight!!Even the heroine catches the view of hero unaware and falls for him!!She glows of love like an inductive lamp[:p]

Later a day..milli meets henry on the road and proceeds forward to say her hearts desire.."henry..lets couple up and get mutually inducted!!"
Henry couldn beleive his luck!!He gets excited and both of them get attracted like magnets!!

And when they were magnetically in love here comes our villain..reluctant[:p] towards their love..he s none other than our henry's friend ohm[:p]..simon ohm!!
He also had a flair for milli but unfortunately resisted his love..hmmm...henry was quicker[;)]

oooooooooooooooooooouch!!!!!!my thoughts got short circuited more current of as the readers of my ll continue the story and end with a suitable climax!!!

ps:the best entry ll have the honour of commenting in my blog[shabaaaa!!konjam over]
come on guys!!!switch on your supply and make your current of thoughts to flow!!i am sure you all have a great potential[:p]


ajit said...

hey....chance eh ila...may be i ll put my idea soon there...but EEE dan padikire nu

Lancelot said...

@ G3

I am coming from TNEB as you are using too much of electircity without paying any charges to the TNEB, we hereby ask you to pay your outstanding current charges to me...nandri hein